4 Tips to Plan Your Destination Wedding

Many wedding couples nowadays love to have a destination wedding, but it is hard to fit every wish in mind perfectly into the vision, especially when you are many miles away from that destination.



For Paula and Hassan, who decided on Budapest, the capital city of Hungary as their romantic destination, the beautiful heritage architecture at the church and the restaurant served as the perfect backdrop for their wedding.  Captured through the lens of Csaba Vigh and Barbara Dosa, everything seems blended so well as a perfect love affair.

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For sure, they had their own challenges behind the scene as well . So I’m glad to have Paula here to share her destination wedding experience at Elegant Wedding Ideas.


Let’s dive in here!


Challenges #1:  Bilingual Communication

Jane: Hi Paula, your wedding photos look wonderful……, but I’m quite sure there are challenges embedded behind the planning.  Tell us more!

Paula:  Oh, quite a number indeed. I am Hungarian-Russian and my husband is British so our wedding had to be bilingual.   Therefore we could only have a particular vicar to hold the ceremony for us and we were worried he would not be available.


Because of the same reason all speeches had to be written in both languages, and our master of ceremony has done it brilliantly


Challenges #2:  Materials Shipment

Jane: Oh true… that’s very common for a mixed wedding!  What about your wedding dress?  Did you order here or directly from Hungary?


Paula: I actually ordered it in London and I was a little nervous about getting my dress to Hungary as most airlines have strict rules about how many pieces of luggage is allowed and how big they are supposed to be so it is a bit of a gamble. I took mine in a suit carrier as hand luggage and fortunately the staff were very accommodating and hung it in the pilot’s wardrobe for me.


Jane: Oh they are so sweet! But checking with airline beforehand is important.




Challenges #3:  Venue Booking in Advance


Paula: What’s more, Hungarian churches and vendors in general don’t take bookings too much in advance so we had a bit of a headache booking the most popular/beautiful basilica in the city.  Luckily the priest made an exception for us as they knew our planners so we could secure the date and work other things around it


Jane: Oh, that’s the value of us as Wedding Planners!


Challenges #4:  What to treat Your Guests


Jane: It is quite common for wedding couples to subsidize a bit to the guests who come to their wedding, but it can be in different ways.   How did you make yours?


Paula:  Yes, we were very mindful of the fact that a majority of our guests had to travel a long way and take at least a day off work to be at our wedding so we wanted to make it as enjoyable and comfortable as we could afford to. We arranged a coach to take all of our guests from the church to the wedding reception and we had a free bar including, champagne, wine and soft drinks.



While Paula is here with us, of course I won’t let her go before giving us all her tips in planning a destination wedding!  Here you go!


What does Paula Suggest?

  1. Food is always more than enough, don’t over-order! Guests came to celebrate our big day and to enjoy a good time together, but we turned out having a lot of food leftover at the midnight buffet after the 5 course meal. We could have saved that!
  2. Choose a date that is not coincide with a public holiday as people might go away to celebrate which could make the planning more difficult.
  3. Check the weather prior to getting the dress as a princess gown might look lovely on the beach but a fainting bride is not great.
  4. Get a Wedding Insurance!

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Photos by: Csaba Vigh and Barbara Dosa.

Circus performers – The Firebirds

Cake – Preston cakes

Destination Wedding Planners for Paula & Hassan: Luxury Event


Are you planning a destination wedding too? What struggles you most at the moment?  Shoot me a message and see how I can help!


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