5 European Style Wedding Videos

Not all wedding videos are created equal. To prove it, we rounded up 5 of our selected wedding videography ideas from Europe. We invited our professional wedding videographer, Mr. Albert Kwan from The-One Movie, to offer his comments.


說到香港婚禮錄像, 差不多的形式, 已經看過不少。今天我們找來歐洲多個不同國家的婚禮錄像,看看有什麼我們可以值得參考. 我們邀請了富經驗的婚禮錄像師 Albert Kwan – The One Movie 去評一下.



A wedding in Italy

One of the elegant videos captured in an opera style and filled with happiness and love.
好一套華麗的舞台劇, 由二人開始準備直至甜蜜拍照皆洋溢幸福的味道.


 A country wedding in France

A stunning wedding video that captured the relaxing atmosphere, the nice weather, and the beautiful people. Just a minor mismatch of the video and the music, if I would need to give a comment.
靚人靓景而且無與倫比的好天氣, 完全令人感染到婚禮的輕鬆氣氛! 可是背景音樂似乎有點不配合帶來了些少瑕疵.



A very elegant wedding video from Scotland

A very skillful blend of traditional Scottish element into a modern wedding that produced a joyous feel.




Wedding in England

A great video that is presented in a way like reading a novel. A beautiful start with a warm and happy ending, while capturing their nervous and excitement, their reality!

一個出色的錄像, 就似是在看一本小說, 平淡但華麗的開始(美麗的教堂及新娘車), 接下來進入高潮(教堂儀式), 一個溫馨的結局!而且在捕捉一對新人的表情包括緊張;興奮;甜蜜均十分細緻!




A wedding in Spain

Well, this highlight wants to capture a bit of everything so the outcomes is, a “movie trailer” like!
要把整日全部過程完全濃縮在三分鐘內實在是太誇張了, 徹底地浪費了熱鬧的氣氛, 我們看到的祇是一段”電影預告片”罷了!!





Whether they are good/bad is very personal. So try to communicate with a professional Hong Kong wedding videographer who is willing to sit down and understand your likes and dislikes in order to create a stunning wedding video for you. 試試看, 相信 我們也可以找我們香港的婚禮錄像師去做一個完美也不落俗套的 Wedding video.

2014-06-12 Trimy & Roy HL-mp4 from The One Movie on Vimeo.

Skillfully captured the solemnized church ceremony and the happy celebration with the guests! The careful blend of traditional Chinese and Western rituals makes this a very special wedding video. 巧妙地捕捉了不少小朋友的片段, 把莊嚴的教堂儀式添加了活潑的生氣! 而在整個錄像中也抄揉合了中式傳統以及西方禮儀, 不單過程十分流暢而令人看得舒服.

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