5 Must-Ask Questions to your Wedding Videographers


Video has the special ability to trigger emotions and memories.  The laughs, the tears, the vows, and all the special moments that you want to cherish for a life time.  So before you book your videographers, an in-person interview is highly recommend and below are the 5 questions that you should ask.

  1. How long have you been filming weddings? And how many do you do per year?

One of the major difference between an experienced videographer and a less experienced, is about the details they could capture. For a once in a lifetime wedding, for sure you would want him/her to catch every major moment, even without you to give them a list.  (Honestly, you may not even able to draw up this must-shoot list, as  this could be your first and the last wedding!)


  1. How would you describe your style — more documentary, cinematic or a mix of both?


You have to understand that every videographer has a different style of shooting and editing. In general, there are 2 categories:  Journalistic style and Cinematic style.


What I would suggest is to look at the videographer’s past works, may be you can ask them to show you their best 5-10 videos for the past 2 years. This will allow you to have a more accurate read of their styles, and whether they are smoothly edited.  If you wish to have cinematic style, but actually the videographer you are meeting don’t have any idea at all of what you mean, then it’s unlikely you will get what you want. Whatever you choose, you may like to agree with your fiancé/fiancée what styles will best for you two then to communicate with your videographers.


  1. What will I get from your service?


Normally, the edited video will come in 3-5 minutes as a highlight, and you can choose your favorite song/music to go with it.  Some videographers will offer a full version too which lasts about 1 hour, and that usually covers a bit of every program of the day. It’s not common to ask for a full version of all the footage, as professional won’t release anything unedited. That’s perfectly okay as you won’t bother to go back and watch every second and minute (and you won’t have that huge storage) when you have the highlight and / or the full version, edited.


  1. When can I expect to receive the video?

Even though the videographers only shoot for one or two days, what takes up the most of their time is editing, and generally, it may take them 8 to 12 weeks to deliver you the DVD or a link to download from a server.  And this will usually include in their contract.


  1. How do you charge?

This is an important question but you may like to leave this question to the last.  Pricing can be very different as some videographers offer package price, and some charge on hourly basis. The biggest determination factor is of course “hours” – the longer they need to capture, the more post editing work will be required too.  So ask for details, especially if there will be any other extra monies that will be required. (e.g. amendment to the edited files.)


Are you two ready to get married and start searching a good wedding photographer and videographer?   Make sure you do your planning well in advance as the popular and reliable talents may have their schedules booked year in advance.  Ask your wedding planner or coordinator for recommendations for valuable suggestions that could meet your budget and expecting quality.


Below are three recent highlight videos from The-One Movie, whom I have been worked for the past 2 years and they are so nice to offer our readers 20% off for all bookings made on or before 30/6/2016. (shooting can be redeemed in 12 months)

Hiu & Roy Same Day Edit from The One Movie on Vimeo.

Janice & Michael Same Day Edit from The One Movie on Vimeo.


2011-11-12Calanthe & Henry_Highligt from The One Movie on Vimeo.
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