5 “MUST KNOW” for an Aerial Filming & Photography

Have you heard about Aerial filming and photography? 你可有聽過”航拍”嗎?

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What is Aerial photography?

Aerial photography for weddings is getting more and more popular.   Aerial photography is the taking of photographs of the ground from an elevated/direct-down position. A machine (or we call it Drones – an unmanned aircraft, with a mounted camera) is used to capture an overhead view. It produces beautiful, cinematic aerial shots, and offers a macro view of your wedding that no one gets to see. The mounted camera may be triggered remotely or automatically by the photographer on the ground. This adds a new dimension to any wedding video/film. What is not possible in the past, now brings a new excitement to any wedding just like a Hollywood cinematic production.

航拍 又稱空拍、空中攝影或航空攝影, 即是遠程控制一部裝有攝影機的無人駕駛直升機 , 從高處往下拍攝地面上的情況,捕獲一幅幅猶如電影片段般優美的畫面 ,和一些在婚禮中極微小、 極容易被人忽略的情節, 更可飽覧一些過往傳統拍攝型式不能 觸及的角度,替你多婚禮添上荷里活電影般的色彩與味道。Amazing, isn’t it??



Take a look at these stunning angle of the photos and films!   來欣賞這個獨特角度的照片和影片吧!

The Ritz-Carlton Bali – Aerial Highlight from The One Movie on Vimeo.
So what are the “MUST KNOW” before you decide to add on an Aerial Photography and Filming? Here you go my 5 Tips:

如果有興趣在自己婚禮上加入”航拍” 環節, 事前有什麼東西是需要準備呢?



1. Is it Safe?

Basically yes. Drones are very powerful rotors with cameras and is also known as “unmanned aircraft.” Many couples nowadays are increasingly looking to make them a part of their weddings. Of course, you have to make sure it is allowed in your venue’s area. In Hong Kong, there are still many gray areas and policies could always be changing. That’s why photographer will usually suggest to do it in open spaces due to safety concern. As a rule of thumb, Albert from The-One Movie said, “We rarely shoot in the city or populated areas. She also advises couples to check if their photographer is insured in the rare case that they do hurt someone or something.


基本上”航拍” 是非常安全的,否則這項有趣的節目又怎會越來越受新人們歡迎呢?不過首要條件是要事前跟婚禮場地負責人溝通,明確肯定該場地能允許無人飛機在場內飛翔地拍攝 。因此攝影師們一般都祇會提議在戶外地方作拍攝,正如專業攝影師Albert跟我說, 他們通常不會建議新人在鬧市?或者人多的地方作航拍。

2. Spectacular Environment

“Wide, open spaces are better.” Albert said. “Simple backgrounds are more attractive too”. It flies high and captures the entire venue, and it could zoom in and get the close up too. So be sure your hair is done, your lipstick is on, as you never know when the drone is flying up and to zoom in and take your picture.


就以Albert 給我提供的專業意見來說,最理想的空中拍攝地點是一些遼闊及空曠的地方 ,背景越是簡單就越理想。在這環境下, 飛機可以飛高一點,更可以有效地、 完全地捕捉整個婚禮場地 俯視圖。當然, 內置的攝影機, 既可以將整個場地一覧無遺的捕捉, 亦可以聚焦一角;所以千萬別以為攝影機居高臨下拍攝不夠仔細,否則被拍到披頭散髮或者未塗口紅就大沒趣啊…….

Joey & Hang Same Day Edit from The One Movie on Vimeo.

3. The surrounding City

Aerial filming is particularly good for destination weddings as the aerial footage can cover the surrounding city, which will give a very good memory of the once-in-a-lifetime wedding.

城市俯瞰 – 空中攝影亦特別適合在海外婚禮,因為除了拍攝婚禮之外, 尚可複蓋海外周邊城市的風光;為充滿甜蜜的人生大事, 加添一些令人更難忘的原素。

Joei & Kenneth Highlight video from The One Movie on Vimeo.


4. Noise or Fun?

Some people do express their concern on the noise that can be created by the drone when it swopped over the crowd from the top. So it is recommended for the couple and their photographer to firstly experiment at their rehearsal and find an altitude in order to avoid the noise distraction that it may create. “From our experience, most guests are amazed by it,” Albert from The-One Movie said.


噪音? – 可能有人會問:無人飛機在飛行時, 自身會發出嗡嗡聲响, 會否令某些人覺得煩擾? 為此Albert的建議是, 當新人在婚禮採排時, 可以跟隨攝影師作試飛 。此舉除了能令攝影師自己尋找最佳拍攝角度之外, 亦可觀察周邊人士對無人飛機飛行時發出聲音的反應。不過以 Albert 過往經驗所見, 賓客們通常都報以讃嘆之聲多過覺得被煩擾, 畢竟這是一個獨特及有趣的方式去拍攝婚禮!

5. Pricing

Prices can range fromHK$1000 – HK$5000 for one hour (US$150-500) and the footage usually lasts for about 5 minutes to 10 minutes, which I would say, is very reasonable when you are looking for a stunning cinematic aerial filming & photography of your wedding.

價格 – “航拍” 價錢大概是由一小時HK$1000 – 5000不等(美金150至500),經編輯後的片段大約長五至十分鐘。如果你希望在婚禮 中加添一些猶如電影效果般的照片/影片, 令整個婚禮過程更豐富,這價錢可謂相當合理吧。

Maggie & Henry_Oversea wedding from The One Movie on Vimeo.


Shoot a message to Albert and find out what they could offer for you to enhance the special aspect of your wedding day!

每一個婚禮都是有其獨特及需要的元素, 或許嘗試聯絡一下Albert, 聽聽他及他的專業團隊如何為你的婚禮加添一個非常特別,每位賓客都樂在其中的有趣環節。

How you can get in touch with Albert & his team?

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