5 Secrets To get her & say “Yes”


Hey listen, let me tell you that almost every girl has dreamt about her marriage proposal, and most of them look for “Surprise”.  After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should capture it in a romantic way.    So think about your “Game Plan” now!   Let our video expert, Albert Kwan from The-One movie to give you 5 tips here!

1. Ready your Ring 

Basically, a diamond ring is what every girl dreamt of, but you can choose whatever ring that represents your love.  Traditionally, many people will go for precious metal like 18k white gold, platinum or 925 sterling silver, as these previous metals represent the “precious and everlasting” love because of the materials characteristic.

Wait before you go to buy your engagement ring, you can also consider to bring her the family ring from your mom/grandmother, as this represents an official invitation to her and be part of your family.  It is serious!  And I trust she won’t complain about the size, the styles, and materials.


2. Pick a Right Place  


Is there a special place that means a lot to both of you? The university that you two went together? The restaurant where you first dated her? Choosing a right place will definitely add a lot of sweet memories to your marriage proposal!


3. Pick a Right Time 

Pick a relaxing time. You don’t want to see a possible situation that she will need to go back to her workplace after receiving an urgent message from her boss? Think of all possible situations and pick this right time! Of course, it has to be a time that you are ready to pop the question “Will you marry me?”  And this should be also a time that you think she is ready to say “YES”!


4. Ready Your Flowers, and have one knee down!


No marriage proposal will go beautiful without the flowers to declare your love. Surprise her with a bouquet, and maybe tie your ring to one of the flowers there? Ask your friends/restaurant people to help and hand out the flowers to you at the right time! And of course, have your one knee down!  Practice it at home!


5. Brief Your Crew!   

Your marriage proposal is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So don’t forget to book a video crew to record every meaningful and memorable moments! As you won’t like to reset the mood or N.G. to take it one more time!  You could have unlimited creativity to design your marriage proposal. Some will make it public, make it bold, e.g. designing a billboard asking the girl to ““Marry Me.”.  Some may go for a lower profile, so pick a style that you feel comfortable and easy to go with.


For whatever plan that you choose to go with, don’t get nervous!  If you have all these ready in your game plan, there will be a good chance to get her say “YES”! Have a look on one of our recent marriage proposals produced by The-One Movie!






So have you found the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with? Are you thinking to propose a marriage and get her to say YES? Thinking you will feel embarrassed or do not know how to get started your plan?  Shoot an email to “Story Begins” and see how they can help!

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