5 Tips for a Perfect Makeup and Hair for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Last month, I have my bride, Katrina, who came from England to Hong Kong and meet all the wedding suppliers that we planned for her. Katrina is very young girl, she is just 24 years old and I can’t forget her every sweet smile on the camera. To help her formulate the best plan, I booked a very talented artist, Joey Tang, founder of “Joman Beauty“, an award winning bridal make-up artist, who also had senior makeup artist -Charmaine, to come along and support that day. Here’s what Joey recommends on how to get set for a perfect pre-wedding makeup and hair. Make sure you read this before going to book your hair and makeup artist!



1. Take good Care of your Skin 

Makeup only looks as good as the skin it’s set on. If you are first timer to try out any facial salon, it’s better to try well in advance. It does take time to build the “glow” in three to four month’s time. Of  course it is worth to try out DIY masks/facials at home to save money.



2. Do Your Own Research 

Styles can look quite different as it varies with race and hair colors, so try to do some online research. There are thousands of thousands images on different wedding websites, or social medial platform like Pinterest, Instagram, where you can easily find the relative pictures and clip them up for inspirations. Share the images with the makeup/hair stylist, so that they can understand better what styles you would prefer or what are the things you might like them to avoid.

Joey also suggests to share the dresses pictures that you will be wearing on the big day too, and a full length photo of yourself so that your artist can provide a preliminary suggestion on what could make you look GORGEOUS!




3. Use the Sunscreen and Waterproof 

Rely on the best sunscreens for your face and your body. You won’t like to get burn or red especially when you have most of the time staying outdoor. Make sure your artist will use the waterproof products to give you the best protection. It doesn’t only withstands tears and sweat, it stays longer too!




4. Dry your hair completely 

Or only do your hair wash the night before that your wish hair style can be made easier and it will stand firmer too.



5. Touch-Up Kit 

It will be good if you can book the artist to stay with you for the whole course of photo shooting, who can then constantly touch up your look whenever necessary. But if it is not your budget, then ready some small cases to make your own touchup-kit. This should include some spare translucent power, a brush (with blush), a little cute tip of the lipstick/colors, hair clips, Bobbie pins, and hair spray.



Wedding pictures are forever, so try to look your best with the professional hair and makeup artist. Joey has a full team of artists who can provide on location make up, including airbrush, and hair for bridal parties of any size.
I would choose to leave this to the professional – you never knew you could look so good with!

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Thank you Joey and Charmaine!

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This Checklist helps you with:

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3. have the right accessories and products to mix with the bridal attire找出最適合的髮飾配合你的服飾


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