5 Tips to make a wow Pre-Wedding

Pre-wedding is almost like a pre-requisite for every wedding couple in Hong Kong, though it is not that popular if you are coming from overseas.

But when a regular, or even overseas photo shoot im France or Italy, do not able to meet your needs when you see them like a cookie cutter, consider to take your pre-wedding to the next level, with a pre-wedding video!



How? make it special and memorable, How about shooting the making -of, the “backstage” of your wedding planning? After all, you have spent so much of your effort, time, and money in the wedding, you have every reason to film it down, document the whole journey of getting prepared this once in a life time event!



I have invited the 掌門人,Albert Kwan from The-One Movie, to give us 5 tips here to make your own wedding morec special and unique!



1. Interview


It is common to see the videomen to go around different places to invite guests to say something to the wedding couples. And very often, you will see lots of similar blessings. So instead of this, we think of another way of doing it meaningful – A Pre-Wedding Interviews.
What to say? Tell about the story of how you met. Maybe invite the parents from both sides, the bridesmaid, groomsmen and make it part of your grow up montage.




2. The unique places/獨特的地方

Lets go to three or four of your favorite locations and film. Running on a Beach, flying a kite, homemade dishes, whatever you do will make a beautiful video with the last but not least, add a song of your choice! . This will add a lot of joy and happiness when it is played at your reception!



How about a place where we first met?
How about a place where we first met?

3. Save the date/邀請咭vs 邀請錄像

Want to tell all your friends and family that you are getting married, how about

make a short video so you can send and spread around your message!?


4. The day before/  婚禮前


Are you planning a special day before your wedding, 上頭,final dress fitting, capture the moments that no one will want to forget.


I'm ready for the big day!
I’m ready for the big day!

5. Be creative/要有創意


Not just to record, but have a creative mind to select what footage you will need to make the whole video more meaningful.




Have a  look at this beautiful photos and video/film story from Albert @ The-One Movie!



LOVE STORY – Come & Go from The One Movie on Vimeo.

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