6 Tips of Wine Choosing for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding reception stands to be the most intimate event in existence all over the world today; its origin is as old as you can imagine and comprehend. It is often a day with lots of feelings attached to it, it is also the celebration of the journey of two separate people (man and woman) together as one; one bone, one flesh, and one blood.
However, the joy of everyone present in a wedding reception can be thwarted by the presence of a bad wine. Choosing your wine for your wedding reception is one of the most tedious tasks I can convincingly tell you about, and you need not to toil with it, else your reception is likely to be a mess, especially when you have tons of other tasks on your wedding planning list.

I am so happy to know Pierre Million in another event, and his wines from France is awesome. No matter how many New World wines come into the market, French wine still stays ahead in the market because of its high quality. And I am glad to have Pierre here to guide us through the 6 steps in choosing the right wine for your wedding reception.
In making your choice of wine for your wedding reception, you will be faced with lots of factors; I mean factors you will have to put into consideration before concluding with your decision. Choosing of the best and most suitable wine has never been an easy task, and I don’t think it will soon become as easy as the snapping of two fingers, but reading further will expose you to the right steps to take in order to make the best choice.

Step 1 – Set the Budget

The first step you shouldn’t forget to take is to have a fixed budget. This will save you from making unnecessary expenses, and also be your guide when it comes to the quantities to buy.

 Step 2 – Red or White?

The number two step is to make sure the wine you’re choosing is in accordance with the menu of your wedding reception. It is expected of you to choose white for seafood and red for meat. Of course you should order both white and red wines when you have both seafood and meat to serve your guests. By doing so, your guests will have the opportunity of choosing either the red wine or the white one in accordance with what they are eating. Avoid choosing more than two different wines.

Step 3 – Wine Tasting

After having your budget fixed, choosing the wine according to the things on the menu, the next step is to taste one of the wines you’ve chosen. If the taste is exactly what you want, then go for it. But, if it’s way beyond what you want, stay off the wine, and don’t allow the seller impose the wine(s) on you.

Step 4 – Manufacturer/Importer

The fourth step is to purchase directly from the wine manufacturer or from the importer of the wine. Buying from middle men will be more expensive.

Step 5 – Quantities

The final step is to choose the right quantity to purchase, after you have been satisfied with the taste of the wines you chose.

Step 6 – Make It Memorable

Wine lovers will look at the wine labels. As the host of your wedding, you should seriously consider special labels with both of names printed on it. It will surely add the wow factor to your wedding and it also makes a great souvenir too. Imagine you could save a few bottles and open one every year on the wedding anniversary to celebrate!

I believe you’ve known a lot which you never knew. So, ensure you follow the steps above to avoid making the wrong choice. Remember, the quality and kind of wine you choose can make your wedding reception a memorable one, or mar it. As our couples-to-be, we would love to know what kind of wine you have in mind and the comment section is available for your questions, suggestions, success stories, and compliments.

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