7 Reasons Why People Love to Get Married in Las Vegas

Another celebrity just tied the knot in Las Vegas! Congratulation to Leo Ku (古巨基) who just tied got married with his assistant Lorraine Chan (陳映雪), the partner he has been dating for twenty years, in Las Vegas!  Months ago, another celebrity singer, William So (蘇永康), also got his pre-wedding photo shoot in Las Vegas with his fiance Anita.

又一明星在拉斯維加斯結婚了, 恭喜古巨基, 終於可跟他拍拖二十年的女朋友 (他的助手)Lorraine(陳映雪),在拉斯維加斯7月12日結婚了!  蘇永康與拍拖8年的女友馮翠珊(Anita)亦已秘密赴拉斯維加斯影婚照!


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So Why Las Vegas is such a popular place for getting married? I got married in Las Vegas too so let me tell you why I love this place so much and go there almost once a year!

你知道為什麼那麼多人喜歡在拉斯維加斯結婚呢? 我也是在拉斯維加斯註册結婚的, 讓我告訴你在這兒結婚的樂趣吧。


1. Easy Identification 簡單容易

– You don’t need to be a US citizen in order to get married in Las Vegas. As long as you are 18 years old or above, you may be issued a marriage license in Clark County by just presenting your photo ID, e.g. Passports. The wedding couple will just need to be present in front of the clerk at a Marriage License Bureau location, where all the paper works will be processed for you right away!
-在拉斯維加斯結婚, 你並不需要是美國公民。只要你是18歲或以上,可出示Passport/護照, 親身到婚姻註册所的人員面前,他們便為您馬上處理所有的文件!


2. Quick & Convenient 快捷有又方便

– Basically you can get off the plane, pick up your marriage license and get married the same day! Las Vegas is really a place designed for people getting married. What a thrill of romance, isn’t it? There are a number of marriage bureau locations but I would only recommend you to go to the one below as it opens 365 daily, from 8am till midnight! Isn’t it too good to be true?
– 基本上你下了飛機,拿着你的結婚許可證,你們就可以在同一天結婚了!拉斯維加斯, 就是一個為結婚而設計的天堂。 在這兒有多間婚姻註册所,但我只會建議你去下面一個,因為它365天開放,從早上8點到午夜!是不是真的太好呢, 方便得難以置信吧。

Clark County Marriage Bureau
201 E. Clark Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Telephone: (702) 671-0600
Fax: (702) 385-8911

If you want to get into an Express line, you can make a pre-application online too (which will be valid in the system for 60 days only): Click here and follow the instructions. 如果你想要更快的, 也有一個express line,你可以網上做個預先申請(謹記, 在系統中, 這結婚申請書只x有效60天):點擊這裡,然後按照說明進行申請。

It is only US$60 to get a marriage license, and such license must be used within the state of Nevada (Las Vegas is within the state of Nevada). The fee is payable by cash, cashier’s check, money order and credit card (there is an added $5 service charge for credit card transactions). And if you need an internationally recognized marriage certificate, it costs US$10 and the Apostille costs $20. The Nevada Secretary of State can send the Apostille and certified marriage certificate copy directly to your government for you.

拿結婚許可證花费多少? 只是60美元,而該許可證只可以在內華達州(Nevada)(拉斯維加斯是內華達州內的)中使用。該費用須以現金,銀行本票,匯票和信用卡(信用卡交易x.加US$5服務費)。相信你亦會需要一個國際認可的結婚證明文件,只需另加30美元。他們可以直接發送認證給你

Found on simplifyinglasvegas.squarespace.com
Found on simplifyinglasvegas.squarespace.com


3. Minister and Witness Available 監禮人和見證人

– Once you identified a particular place to get married, e.g. in a chapel, you will need to appoint a minister who can officiate the marriage ceremony for you. (This is just like the Civil Celebrant as we have in Hong Kong). And you will just need one witness. If you are just going to Las Vegas with you partner, and you need a person to be your witness, usually the venue/place where you get married, will able to support this at a very minimal charge or even do it for free (by their own staff). This is very normal for Las Vegas Weddings. Of course, you can have your own witness arranged. Like the wedding of Leo Ku and Lorraine, they got married in Vegas with only their parents present!

– 你拿了結婚許可證, 並確定了在那兒地方結婚,例如:小教堂,您將需要一個婚姻監禮人 主持你的婚禮。 (這就像香港婚姻監禮人,有法律效力的)。而你只需要一個見證人。如果你只是與您的夥伴去拉斯維加斯,你需要一個當地人作你的見證人,正常情況下in normal situation,結婚地方通常能夠帮助你, (很小的費用,或甚至免費, 他們找來自己的員工擔當罷了)。在拉斯維加斯, 這是非常普遍的。當然,你亦可以安排自己的見證人。像古巨基和 Lorriane 的婚禮,他們在拉斯維加斯結婚,就只有只他們的父母呢!



4. Plenty of Wedding Venues大量婚禮場地的選擇

– For this holiday haven, you have more than enough venue choices for getting married. Plenty of hotels, Chapels, Golf Course, outdoor or indoor, whatever you can think of! Big or Small!
– 對於這個度假天堂,你有足夠多的場地選擇。大量的酒店,教堂, 甚至是高爾夫球場,室外或室內,你能想到的,或大或小,都不難找到! 並不像香港, 好像要争位一樣。

This is where I got married!
This is where I got married!



5. Themed Wedding主題婚禮

– What’s make Las Vegas such a fancy place for getting married is you can have your one-of-a-kind theme weddings! From Elvis Wedding, to Eiffel Tower Wedding, “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign Wedding, to Underwater Wedding, you can be as creative as you can!
– 什麼使拉斯維加斯成為這樣一個奇特的結婚聖地呢?就是你可以有一個 完全不一樣, 另類的, 獨一無二的主題婚禮!從貓王式的婚禮,到法國艾菲爾鐵塔式的婚宴,水底婚禮, 哥爾夫球式的婚禮, 你想得到的, 都能創造得到!


Photo source: Wedding Inspiration on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1l9lpiu
Photo source: Wedding Inspiration on Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1l9lpiu

6. Inexpensive便宜

– You can get married in Vegas for under US$500 and still have a very nice ceremony. Some buffet starts from US$13.99 up and it’s not too bad! You can save all the money for your honeymoon or on your new house!
-在拉斯維加斯結婚, 低至 200 – 300美元, 都可以 有一個非常漂亮的儀式。有些自助餐 亦只 是13.99美元起,普普通通 還不錯呢 !當然 豪得起的, 有著很多不同的選擇, 豐儉由人, 就是這個結婚天堂的特式了!

Found on chelsea-nicole.com
Found on chelsea-nicole.com

7. Entertainment goes 24/7  娛樂24/7

–Casino, shows, dinings.. whatever you can think of! Great for holding your bachelor / bachelorette parties too!

– 賭場,表演,concert, dinings..你想到的都 應有盡有 !你的 亦可以考慮在造兒舉行你的結婚前的 單身派對呢! 一次過順道來度蜜月, 影 pre wedding, 租衫化妝, 一次過搞掂。 真的節省不少金錢啊!


las vegas night


Below are what the popular shows at Vegas.

Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil – Save on Tickets!

See the Legendary Blue Man Group Live in Las Vegas!

BeatleShow! – Save 20% on Tickets!

Elton John: The Million Dollar Piano-Live in Vegas-Book Now!

David Copperfield at MGM Grand – Save $15 on Tickets!Jubilee! – Save on Tickets to the Best Showgirls show in Vegas!

Rod Stewart in Las Vegas- from $69

Mamma Mia! Live in Las Vegas – Save Big on Tickets!

See Celine Dion in Las Vegas - Save on Tickets!


In Las Vegas, wherever and whenever you go, you’re guaranteed a fun time. So is Las Vegas wedding right for you? If you love to receive more information, drop me an email and I can easily create an itinery for you, FREE OF CHARGE! Contact me here:  www.fiesta-wedding.com

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Note: all dollars marked above are for reference only and are may change from time to time. Check out the details from here the official bureau here.

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