7 Tips for having Memorable Wedding Videos

Needless to say, wedding video and photos are important for every wedding. Wedding videos will turn out better because of the nice movement, reading of your wedding vows, the ambience. Here are the top tips from Mr. Albert Kwan, The-One Movie, of how you can have a great wedding video on your big day!

不用我多說, 婚禮錄像及婚禮攝影, 對每一對新人來說, 皆十分重要。 婚禮錄像可能會比較重要, 因為它要記錄所有的動態;例如一生人一次的婚禮誓言宣讀, 及周遭的氣氛。以下是來自The One Movie的Albert Kwan, 教你如何取得一個高品質的婚禮錄像。


1. Choose your preferred styles by going through each of their profile on website, blogs etc.

通過不同網站及博客, 從而選擇你個人喜歡的風格。


2. Short list those who are within your budget so as to save your time and avoid over spent.



3. Make appointment and speak to the “actual videographer” who will be helping out on your big day. If you are dealing with larger studio or company, this is particularly important as they may use several different crews.

預約将會在你大日子服務的那位”真正攝錄師”作直接談話,這一點特別重要, 尤其是一些大公司, 因為他們都擁有不只一位攝錄師。


4. Ensure you get good audio too. This is as important as a good video. If you plan to have an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, make sure they offer you enough pieces of good wireless microphones to capture the vows, the music etc.



5. They should work well with your wedding photographer too. So allow them to talk and communicate beforehand so that they can get the shots they need.

優質的婚禮攝錄師, 應該也須跟攝影師有良好的合作,所以,讓他們事先溝通, 使他們能夠商議如何在你的大日子, 有着最佳的攝錄效果。


6. Two cameras are better than one. Consider hiring a second videographer. As it is well worth the extra expense! This way you can both the processional and the special moments between the father and bride captured on film, both of your faces as you say your vows as well as reaction shots at the reception. Two cameras make for a much more interesting video.

兩個鏡頭永遠好過一個,不妨考慮聘用一位輔助攝錄師;這額外費用 是非常值得的。這樣不同人物(如家長及新娘的即時反應)都可被捕捉至鏡頭內,而二人宣讀誓言時不同表情也可攝進鏡頭之內。相比祇得一位婚禮錄像師, 所看出的影像有趣得多。令你一生回味。。。。。。



7. Just remember, as with anything else in life, you get what you pay for – so budget accordingly. Your wedding video is a family heirloom that should only be entrusted to professional who is as committed to capturing your special day in a special way as you are.

記住,正如在日常生活中其他的東西,貪字得個貧。要獲取相等於你所付出的;就要作出相應的預算。你的婚禮錄像將會是你的「傳家寶」, 因此你必須委託專業人士去捕捉在你特別日子的特別動態啊!


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再次感謝 Albert Kwan的真言。 選擇婚禮錄像師,除了聽取不同人士意見外, 亦可考慮聘用Albert;他和他團隊一向提供優良服務, 拍攝美麗而又令人感動的婚禮錄像。而作為我們的會員,他更樂於以特惠價錢提供其高品質的服務。


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