7 Tips to Choose Your Party / Wedding Venue

Booking your preferred venue for wedding venue for banquets/reception in Hong Kong, is very challenging, as our lovely city is small, but wedding couples are competing with each other on the auspicious day! So, it is very common to choose and book your venue one year in advance. Sounds ridiculous? Well, that’s a fact in Hong Kong. First come, first served! So this is one of the most difficult decisions of your entire planning process.


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Regardless how challenging it is, let us help you make the selection easy:/

1. Choose a venue that fits your style and vision, as it represents your unique personality.  Simple? Fairy tale? Extravagant? Heritage feel? Western feel? When you have a style in mind, you can quickly narrow down your choices.  You might be able to save on some decoration spending when the venue itself fits your style.  So discuss with your partner!




2. Private Clubs vs Hotel vs Chinese Restaurants?  Indoor ballrooms vs Outdoor affair (e.g. beach wedding?)  If it has gonna been in a hotel, will it be 5 stars?  4 stars? Or some others?



3.  Decide how many people you intend to invite to the wedding, so you can further shorten the venue list that you have to visit each of them afterwards.



4. Narrow down your choice by choosing a Location: HK Island, Kowloon, or New Territories?



5. Seek recommendations from your family, friends and colleagues.


6.  Make sure the chosen fits your budget!.


7.  Create a list of your best options. Make the appointments for a site visit and bring “A list of questions” with you on your visits.  (Click here for a list of questions that you have to ask when visiting the potential wedding venue!)





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