How Lemongrass & Ginger Tea can Relieve Your Stress?

Have you had any spa experience in Thailand? I was nicely treated by my husband on our 1st wedding anniversary for a 3 Days 2 Nights at Banyan Tree Phuket Resort….I was spoiled especially when my colleague commented that it’s a precious thing that you should do once in a life time. And we were upgraded to a villa which has a private pool too! How green and serene it was, when you could have your own private place to enjoy the good time together!


What impressed me is not just the beautiful resort, but it’s their large private gardens where you can enjoy your spa treatments, it’s just about 15 minute walk or a short buggy ride away. We were greeted by the therapists, who also served us a cup of hot tea while we had our both feet soaked in lukewarm water with essential oils. I found myself craving the tea that we were served, it was amazingly comforting at the first sip. I asked about the name and it’s Lemongrass with honey.




After the tea, my husband and I started to enjoy our body massage. Listening to a background of running water from the garden’s fountain, some soft music, and the birds’ singing, were pretty memorable too…..

We were both served with another cup of Lemongrass with honey after the body massage, how’s that for tranquility………

When we were back to Hong Kong, my husband continued to brew a hot pot of Lemongrass with honey every weekend, thinking to enjoy our sweet moments from Thailand. Unfortunately, it’s not really the same taste as in Banyan Tree, until I met Fanny from FoodHeal, who exhibited her products at the Prestige Fairs in Conrad Hotel. They sell different kinds of tea made in Thailand. I was served with a small cup of Lemongrass, and it was spectacular! That was the same taste that I missed so much from Banyan Tree! It is so memorable and intimate!




I grabbed Fanny and asked for further information about her tea. She earnestly told me that people living in Hong Kong, burn lots of energy and have to face lots of stress throughout the day. This may affect both “Yang” (the groom) and “Yin” (bride)’s body force imbalance and hence the couple overall health will be affected. They feel weak, fatigue, sleepiness, moody, etc. Therefore, a well-balanced and healthy body is critical especially when the day close to the wedding ceremony.
She even says, “ Take some ginger everyday, keeps the doctor away”



Benefits of Dried Ginger –

• Enhance immune system
• Energy booster – more “Qi”
• Expels cold & flu
• Increase blood circulation
• Decrease muscle soreness and inflammation
• Relief sick stomach and digestion illness
• Reduce migraine headaches
• Reduce high blood pressure, lower LDL and triglycerides
• Cancer prevention and benefits removing cancer cells


Lemongrass benefits

• Detoxification
• Beneficial for healthy skin and hair
• Strengthens immune system
• Cures insomnia, calming the nerves and reduces stress, increasing quality of sleep
• Reduce water retention and weight loss
• Mood booster & relief stress
• Cures bad breath
• Control obesity and aids in healthy metabolism
• Enhances oxidation of fatty adds in body
• Maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reducing LDL
• Reduce fever, sore throat
• Reduce stomach disorders (e.g. diarrhea, nausea, stomach aches)
• The three ‘Anti’
o Anti-oxidant, Cancer prevention and benefits removing cancer cells
o Anti-bacterial property helps to clearing fungal infections
o Anti-inflammatory to relief pain e.g. sprains, muscle, migraines, headache, pimples and acnesme


I decided to buy from Fanny and brew a pot for my husband everyday!  It’s just approx. HK$100 a pack and you can use it for a month. You can contact Fanny too.  Hope you enjoy her tea as much as I do!
Fanny Thong +852 9216 8066, Jenny Thong +852 9617 9533, Alex (China) +86 139 1783 8252

This post is also available in: Chinese (Traditional)

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