A New Shopping Idea?

Have you heard of Prestige Fairs that runs only a few fairs a year in town?  If you do not have a chance before to visit this once a year Summer fair at Conrad, it is a lot more than your average shopping mall.  The entire grand ballroom is covered with hundreds of vendors which can be overwhelming if you are not a hardcore shopper.


What To Buy?


Well, there is a great assortment of things that you will see at the Prestige Fairs: jewelry, fashion and accessories, wine, sweets, baby clothing, toys, home décor, and many more wonderful things.  But here I’d like to highlight something new for you to explore!


Di-Concept – Soul Art

I’m sure you have seen wax hand at somewhere but this is their first time at our Prestige Fairs!  It’s our honor to have their wax hand master here to help you make a quick and easy hollow wax hand of your own!  This is truly a fun and creative hands-on party favor for kids and adults that “WOW”…  And they do casting for baby hands and feet too!  I can’t wait to go and capture the fabulous moment of mine!

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Organic Wine

Drinking wine made from organic grapes is better than those laden with chemicals, right?  I’m very happy to meet Kate from Chateau Soucherie as this wine has been out of stock in Hong Kong for a while but it’s back again!  Kate is going to bring us the Cabernet d’ Anjou from France. Pure organic so it’s good to stock up some cases to celebrate Father’s day!   Come and discover an authentic vineyard and its exceptional wines.


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Looking for a reliable domestic helper?


If anyone is looking for domestic helper and have never had a good one before, we will have another new vendor at Prestige Fairs this time – Seven Days Employment Agency, which works very hard to build up its reputation in providing good and reliable service standards.  I personally think that having a good agency is important, which can show genuine concern about finding the right match. Meet up with Seven Days at Conrad and possibly you can find a good helper who can meet your needs!



Purchase for a Good Cause


Travel to India is very popular among tourists because it features a diverse array of cultural and historical attractions. But if a purchase can make a difference to the under privileged community in India, will it be more meaningful too? Yosha Gupta, the founder of Meraki, is running a crowdfunding campaign to sell their leather bags handpainted by a traditional artist in India and help raise money for a school in an Indian village to teach young girls of these handpainted art. Look at these adorable handbags! Each of them have their unique stories! Crowdfunding is a truly democratic way to support the fundraising needs. Come to Prestige Fairs at Conrad on 1/6 to get one-of-a-kind, handpainted and high quality leather handbags from Meraki!

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Grace on Hands

“Grace on Hands” is a newly launched social enterprise that provides handicrafts skills training for women from underprivileged background and work towards the goal of becoming a skilled craftsman. Look at all these pretty hats and flowers!  I invited them to join our Prestige Fairs as an extra channel to help them enhance their quality of life and self-confidence. With their gifted hands, these women hope to overcome challenges in their lives to build a more promising future.  Will you be willing to give them a helping hand too?

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Flowers Jamming over Brunch

Anyone is interested in learning flower arrangement for a good cause? I will be hosting a fresh flower workshop at Conrad on the same day of 1/6 over a brunch time from 10;30am to 12:30pm. Profits we go to making flower pots and send to elderlies and people who need blessings. Let’s get together and have some fun!   In the afternoon between 3:30pm to 5:30pm, there will be another session for the kids!    RSVP now!






Will I see on at the Prestige Fairs? Come and have a fun shopping!


Date:  1st June 2017 (Thursday)

Time: 10am to 7pm

Venue: Grand Ballroom – Conrad Hong Kong, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong



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