About me?  Yes, that’s me here, Jane.  After getting a great sense of achievement from setting up my AchieversMinds.com, (a website providing tips and tools for executives and professionals who want to run their own business), here I am, to deliver my second baby: Elegant-Wedding-Ideas.com!



In the ever competitive wedding market in Hong Kong, a lot of wedding suppliers are sending the weds-to-be or audience many different kinds of information.  Pitch after pitch, offer after offer, it is actually very difficult for wedding couples to digest all the information or even more confused?
So before I create my own wedding platform, I actually signed up with a number of different wedding websites, local and overseas, and experience how the wedding couples are being pitched. I learnt the goods and the bads, so I can stay on the leading edge of what I should do and not!   On my platform, I’m going to show you a Step-by-Step guide and help to plan your wedding together.  I will able to show you how we can fulfill your wedding needs within your given budget, and benefit from saving your money and time, while able to have a unique wedding that is all personalized just for you.
A unique and personalized style?  Yes, you heard me right.  When you try to look for your wedding supplies, don’t you find that they all look the same or similar in all different weddings?  A standard backdrop, the same rundown, another grow up montage, many people found it very boring, honestly.  Whatever packages, the standard design (or give you a choice of different colors), just the wedding logo be changed to a different name or don’t etc.


I really wish I can bring in different new ideas, new inspirations, so that they can have a new way of having  real unique wedding that you love.  Actually from many different western countries, many of them can have a wedding that is tailored to their wishes, styles, and needs.  If they can do it, we can do it too!


But, before I go on, I must say that I am not against any hard selling. On the contrary, if there are any products and services that are awesome, and even able to provide a solution to any specific problems that the wedding couple may encounter, we should highly promote them or even sell it hard so that it can benefit as many couples as possible!

What I am against is not being honest, not being truthful, not even professional of what is being offered.   Or I will call it scam. There are always nicer ways to sell with integrity, don’t you agree?  And both win-win.

Items on Elegant-Wedding-Ideas will include pieces from affiliated retail partners. If you click through our site to make your purchase, you are helping to support Elegant-Wedding-Ideas through your purchase, at no cost to you. Your support is greatly appreciated, and is what keeps our site running.  My readership is extremely important to me, and I thank you for the support!

So I wish I can share with you all the relevant and useful information that can help you plan your wedding without stress. Instead, you should find it enjoyable!  And it is FREE!  There are many wedding magazines in town, let’s say it cost you $30 each? And you used to buy a number of different thinking  this will give you more ideas? You can now save a few hundred bucks already during the course of planning your wedding!  As it’s Free on my website!

One of my brides, Agnes, said “you got an awesome website.  It contains a lot of very useful information, and it is bilingual, so I don’t even need to translate and explain everything all over again to my fiancée who is a foreigner.”
Another bride, Amy, said,”thank you for all of your help. It saves me a lot of time and energy.”


If you also like my approach here, give me a LIKE! I wish I can bring you all the useful information, real awesome (and integrity) offers, and many wedding tips that you can benefit immediately!  Again,  I’m not opposed to the hard-sell, as long as it’s honest, and in a perfect integrity and served in a professional way.


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 Thanks as always!  Love you all as I love my hubby and my son!  🙂




Who is Jane?

Jane, who always been described as a high achiever, is an ambitious, results-focused and resourceful person with a proven track record of surpassing financial and service objectives.Jane’s extensive network and experience spans more than 20 years in the area of financial and business management, which has equipped her with the value of superb and exceptional interpersonal and people-management skills. This paved the way for starting her own jewellery business in 2008, named “Fiesta”, which as the name tells, brings people a happy mood with her beautiful jewellery designed and produced in Europe. (www.fiesta-valentine.com)

With her extensive network, Jane has created an Executive Club called AchieversMinds.com in 2012, which provides a platform for executives and professionals, by sharing daily resource for Management-Thought leadership and lifestyle things. If you are looking for ways to advance your career/business while seeking a quality life, join AchieversMinds.com which is filled with brilliant guides from around-the-world experts! Check it out here: AchieversMinds.com.  A strong work ethic and an abroad range of experience allows Jane to expand her business further into the event and wedding planning sector. Her capability in dealing with people at all levels and with different cultural background, benefits her clients coming from different nation a stress-free and enjoyable time at their major events. (www.fiesta-wedding.com and www.elegant-wedding-ideas.com)

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