Interview with Vivian Luk – Top Bridal Designer

Vivian Luk, one of the top bridal designers in Hong Kong, previously worked directly with Vera Wang (the famous haute couture designer from the USA), has opened her own bridal gown studio in Happy Valley.

Vivian Luk , 現時香港其中一位最優秀的婚紗計設師, 曾經跟Vera Wang 直接共事的她(世界知名的美國高級女裝設計師), 在跑馬地開設了自己的婚紗工作室。 今天我們 幸跟她作了一個訪問。

Deeply inspired by her father who was an interior designer and a fine artist, “design” was clearly in Vivian’s blood. She followed in her father’s footsteps by studying Arts/Dance/Music and obtained her honor degree from Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  After graduation, Vivian began her career by working directly with Vera Wang. During those days with Wang, her talent in doing one-of-a-kind pieces were uncovered. Wang gave her lots of opportunities in doing the red carpet line and that was where her experience in handling special requests from celebrities/socialites was mushroomed.

Vivian自幼受其父親在設計及藝術的熏陶下, 對 ”設計”這两字, 早已刻骨銘心。她於紐約的Parsons School of Design 和 Fashion Institute of Technology, 主修藝術/舞蹈/音樂, 並以榮譽學位畢業。畢業後的她, 隨即跟Vera Wang直接共事, 展開其職業生涯。 在這段日子, 她的設計天份表露無為, 理所當然地, Vera Wang就給了她很多一個又一個的機會, 讓Vivian專門負責處理來自名人及社交場合的特殊要求, 而在這些紅地毯項目上, Vivian當然也掌握了不少經驗與技巧了!


“What is your philosophy in running your own label and company?” I asked.


“Every celebrity has their own individual needs. For example, different occasion, different impacts wanted, are all the elements that I would need to take care when I design a piece for them. And this “Be a star” experience, becomes one of my philosophies in running my own company.” says Vivian.

“每一位名人都有其個人需要, 例如: 不同的場合; 需要有不同程度的驚喜要求。因此當我為她們設計時, 我需要照顧到每一種元素。這些”要成為焦點”的經驗及理念便成為现在我管理自己公司的哲學!”


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Speaking to, Vivian shares her top tips to our brides on how to find the perfect gown.

“Understand your own personality, do some researches, and be open minded with the advice from the experts.” says Vivian. “The impact that you can see from a model or your friend, may not have the same on you. So dare to try different styles!”

在談話中, Vivian跟我分享了如何挑選一件完美婚紗的要訣: “首先了解自己的性格, 做一些研究, 要嘗試聽取專家的意見。要知道, 當你看到你朋友或者模特兒穿上一件婚紗所出來的样子, 並不一定能在你身上產生同樣的效果。因此, 要敢於嘗試不同的風格,去尋找適合自己的。”

Vivian also shares her predictions on 2015 wedding dress trends. “Pastel colors like pink, ivory, light grey are among the popular choices. Cuttingwise, modified mermaid is particularly suitable for Asians, as it allows us to show off our beautiful figure, and it looks taller despite of our actual height. ” Vivian said.

Vivian也分享了她對2015年婚紗趨勢的預測。 “柔和的顏色如粉紅、象牙白、淺灰色將會是流行的選擇之一。貼身裁剪, 例如改裝了的美人魚裝, 其實是適合東方人的。因為它不單可以讓我們炫耀美麗的身段, 而且可以讓我們看起來比實際高度, 更高一點。”

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So what is the upcoming plan for Vivian in 2015?

“I’m going to launch a new line-flower girl dresses! ” Oh that sounds fun! 

“2015年, 你又有何大計呢?”  



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Have a look at these pretty dresses!  Click into her website here:

聽起來十分有趣, 大家要密切留意並緊貼Vivian的最新消息! 一起來看看這些漂亮的衣服!




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