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Summer Shopping Fair @ Conrad Hotel

Isn't it too hot to do pre-wedding photo shoot?  All we want may be just indoor shopping, with great good, wine, lots of interesting items that are hard to find in major department stores, right?Cool!   Apart from wedding planning, we are going to organize a Catwalk Show in Conrad

What a Stress Release event! One-of-a-Kind!

剛剛過去的星期六實在非常開心,第一次跟iDance合作, 邀請了4對準新人, 一齊學跳舞 K-Pop dance,再來個GGarden Handmade DIY婚禮擺設, 加上沖繩鮮 - 魚生tasting, 真正的吃喝玩樂, 大家都興奮不已! 做運動, 出一身汗,好輕鬆,亦大大加強了未婚夫妻之間的默契! 為了給新人一個surprise,我們故意賣個關子,當他們準備開始跳舞的時候,我們打開大門,邀請了TVB藝員韓馬利小姐,她亦是現任iDance的董事和營運總監.   驚喜之餘, 大家都報上熱烈的掌聲,歡迎Mary姐!大家有所不知, Mary姐的中國舞底子很深厚, 自小巳習舞, 她不單止多才多藝,更鑽研各種現代舞蹈,並經常親身落場示範。  跟著教跳舞的一個非常型仔的導師 -  Catry.  擁有接近十年的教舞經驗,Catry無論教授健身班還是舞蹈班都駕輕就熟。他說, 既然今日學習的 是 K-Pop wedding dance, 當然最適合又最多人熟識的歌,就是"Nobody Nobody But You!" Nobody but nobody but u. 很多人都 耳熟能詳……mommy daddy都識.  最緊要就是好玩, 容易學, 容易上手, 好有氣氛, 效果超正!  How easy to learn - Check my video

Tailor Made or Rent your Bridal Gown?

Have you ever thought of renting your wedding dress or asking a dressmaker for a quote? How I usually explain to my brides whether they need a tailor made or rent a dress, I usually quote my regular example of “dining out”.選擇婚紗,當然是每個新娘子在籌劃她婚禮之中, 被視為重要的一環.。但究竟是租婚紗好, 還是訂做好呢?會很貴嗎?通常新娘子問我同一個問題的時候,我都會嘗試用一個"出外食飯"的例子來幫她計劃一下。Imagine you are going to have a