All Hotels Combined .com for Lowest Offer comparison!

While I am working with wedding couples in planning their honeymoon,  I am actually learning  amazing stuffs from different findings. And one of them is this awesome place: All the best hotel sites in one place right here.  HotelsCombined.comas its name says, they combine and compare the room availability and prices


Wow, what a bunch of Mother's Day celebration photos on Facebook!  So sweet.... Hence we decided to treat you, who nicely honored your parents,  by offering a FREE Photo Package!  If you are getting married this year 2014 or 2015, and yet to have your pre-wedding photo shoot done, or want

How to make Mom Happy?

Mother's Day is here. Got any plan this weekend?這個母親節,  有任何計劃這個未? If you don't yet have any plan, then, you can't get much faster than the internet! Click this to make a e-card one for your MOM!    Show it on your phone, tablet, share via what'sapp, and show your love to


Hurray, our very first bilingual Wedding Media App is here in Hong Kong!  With the launch of our Mobile App, our members have instant access to hundreds of Elegant Wedding Ideas! Get it now for FREE from iPhone/iPad or any Android phone/tables! HURRAY! 我們在香港的第一個雙語婚禮媒體應用程式已經推出!隨著我們的Mobile App,我們的會員可以即時瀏覽數百個優雅的婚禮ideas!立即從iPhone / iPad的或任何Android手機/tables, 免費取得!   Powered by Conduit

Gorgeous gowns that are under HK$2000! 擁有自己的全新婚紗!

"Like" this dress? Check out more gorgeous gowns that are under HK$2000 (US$268).We ordered a number of dresses from this online store and they are just so perfect. I may just need to pay alteration to fit my size, but that's only a few hundred HK dollars!“LIKE”這件衣服?查看更多華麗的禮服! 約港幣2000!(約合US268)。我們從這個在線商店訂購了一批衣服,Very good.....。我可能只需要支付修改衣服以適應我的尺寸,但這只是幾百港元!超級划算!