Destination Wedding – Hong Kong

In a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong, many couples love HOng Kong for its East meets West culture.  As an Asia's world city which punches well above its weight class, weds-to-be can enjoy a vivid journey without trouble. We’ve already done the groundwork by pulling together quality wedding photographers who can

Weddings in Italy

   Italy is known as one of the most romantic countries  that makes it also becomes  a leading country in the world with a number of hot destinations for weddings.Bogas Weddings in ItalyBodas Weddings in Italy  How to plan a wedding in Italy? To have a destination wedding, even just in Italy, there

Honeymoon Destinations

One of the best things in planning a wedding is having to decide where to spend your honeymoon. For some couples, it doesn't take much time for them to come to an agreement as to where they wanted to go. But there are also couples that find it quite difficult

Honeymoon in International Destinations

Honeymoon is the time in which you can spend some lonely and intimate moments with your loved ones. In simple words honeymoon is the time away from near and dear ones which provides you wonderful opportunity to closely understand your partner very well. So plan your escape to some of