High Tea Flower Workshop – 8th Dec @ Conrad Hotel

 When most of the flower workshops in town are usually over a thousand dollars, I thought, what about I try to organise one in a relaxing afternoon, enjoy a good afternoon high tea while learning flower arrangements? Sounds interesting? At Conrad Hotel!Date: 8th Dec 2016 (Thursday) Time: 1-3pm, or,  3-5pm Venue: Caine Room,

6 Tips of Wine Choosing for Your Wedding Reception

Wedding reception stands to be the most intimate event in existence all over the world today; its origin is as old as you can imagine and comprehend. It is often a day with lots of feelings attached to it, it is also the celebration of the journey of two separate

How to Craft your Wedding Invitation Wording?

Choosing the right wording for your wedding invitation can be tricky. It seems hard especially when you want to ensure you would not offend anyone. Hence, by following the traditional etiquette is considered to be the safest way. Having said that, there are also many unique situations that you will