A Quick Way To Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Recently I received a lot of enquiries from brides, asking me how to get started to find a perfect wedding dress?  They told me they have flipped through different magazines, browsed through numerous websites, grabbed the images by eyes, and still don’t have a clue.  When they tried to book

How to Make Change in One-Second?

Busy busy bride... yes, we want to have a variety of looks on our big day, yet also want to spend more time with our guests. So, how to have a super-fast dress changes?Simple! Pick some nice jackets/Boleros! Found all these unique pieces for sharing! They look so pretty and

Tailor Made or Rent your Bridal Gown?

Have you ever thought of renting your wedding dress or asking a dressmaker for a quote? How I usually explain to my brides whether they need a tailor made or rent a dress, I usually quote my regular example of “dining out”.選擇婚紗,當然是每個新娘子在籌劃她婚禮之中, 被視為重要的一環.。但究竟是租婚紗好, 還是訂做好呢?會很貴嗎?通常新娘子問我同一個問題的時候,我都會嘗試用一個"出外食飯"的例子來幫她計劃一下。Imagine you are going to have a

What is your Bridal Style?

Some brides told me they have shopped for over 20 bridal dresses but still could not find their "dream bridal gown" that can give a wow to herself, and make her say "Yes".   Gosh... I know how stressful it could be.  However, by understanding your own style will speed

Interview with Vivian Luk – Top Bridal Designer

Vivian Luk, one of the top bridal designers in Hong Kong, previously worked directly with Vera Wang (the famous haute couture designer from the USA), has opened her own bridal gown studio in Happy Valley. Vivian Luk , 現時香港其中一位最優秀的婚紗計設師, 曾經跟Vera Wang 直接共事的她(世界知名的美國高級女裝設計師), 在跑馬地開設了自己的婚紗工作室。 今天我們 有幸跟她作了一個訪問。Deeply inspired by her father who was an