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Bridal dress fitting is often the most exciting and important part of the wedding planning process for every bride-to-be.  After all, it’s really the first time wearing a bridal dress in front of your fiancé,   a very memorable thing after all.試婚紗,永遠都是每個待嫁新娘最熱切期望的一個節目。有些新娘子說這確實是一生人之中最興奮的時刻,十分期待。畢竟這是真正的第一刻在未婚夫前披上嫁衣,即使只是fitting ,感覺總會是飄飄然的。 The first feeling when I went to Amelia Wedding,

Gorgeous gowns that are under HK$2000! 擁有自己的全新婚紗!

"Like" this dress? Check out more gorgeous gowns that are under HK$2000 (US$268).We ordered a number of dresses from this online store and they are just so perfect. I may just need to pay alteration to fit my size, but that's only a few hundred HK dollars!“LIKE”這件衣服?查看更多華麗的禮服! 約港幣2000!(約合US268)。我們從這個在線商店訂購了一批衣服,Very good.....。我可能只需要支付修改衣服以適應我的尺寸,但這只是幾百港元!超級划算!

穿著長衫旗袍 – “肚腩”立即消失了?

漂亮嗎? 我昨晚的造型就是這樣了...好難得有一張咁靚 snapshot. 十分鐘就換好衫, set好頭, 工商界十週年慶典去. 穿著長衫旗袍, 最害怕的就是大肚腩, 但我一 穿著這條裙, "肚腩"立即消失了! 這就是師父大人的奇功了.... 超讚! 多謝阿Eve, 長衫旗袍手工一 流, . 做得非常細緻, Pro!At Chinoiserie   Want some extra jetso?  email me!

Why Wedding Dresses are usually White? “何以婚紗總是白色的?”

It is the tradition and the culture in the western society that a bride is to wear a WHITE wedding dress. Many people thought it was a symbolic of purity.  However, it was the color BLUE that is connected to the purity, instead of white.   傳統西方文化裡新娘總是穿著白色的婚紗,也許有很多人都認為是為了代表純潔的象徵。但其實在西方文化裡藍色才是純潔的象徵!Then, why wedding dress is

Be a Winter Bride?

Think about the snow-dusted landscape, the candles, the warm between you two... oh, everything can be so romantic.  Here are some of the great winter brides I've spotted this week!       Have a fabulous wedding and want them to be featured?  Click here and we look forward to see your photos coming