5 Tips to make a wow Pre-Wedding

Pre-wedding is almost like a pre-requisite for every wedding couple in Hong Kong, though it is not that popular if you are coming from overseas.But when a regular, or even overseas photo shoot im France or Italy, do not able to meet your needs when you see them like a

5 European Style Wedding Videos

Not all wedding videos are created equal. To prove it, we rounded up 5 of our selected wedding videography ideas from Europe. We invited our professional wedding videographer, Mr. Albert Kwan from The-One Movie, to offer his comments.說到香港婚禮錄像, 差不多的形式, 已經看過不少。今天我們找來歐洲多個不同國家的婚禮錄像,看看有什麼我們可以值得參考. 我們邀請了富經驗的婚禮錄像師 Albert Kwan - The One Movie 去評一下. 去片!   A wedding in Italy One