How to Craft your Wedding Invitation Wording?

Choosing the right wording for your wedding invitation can be tricky. It seems hard especially when you want to ensure you would not offend anyone. Hence, by following the traditional etiquette is considered to be the safest way. Having said that, there are also many unique situations that you will

How to compare Wedding Suppliers?

When you meet a wedding vendor, what is your most frequently asked question? How do you compare wedding suppliers?   “What’s your PRICE?” Isn’t it?  Yes, I know how frustrating it could be when we talk about price, as it’s a “big project”, so you want everything value for money.

How to create a Wedding Budget?

  Planning a wedding? How much you will need to spend?Before you spend a dollar, you have to figure out how much you can afford!  Even tycoons like Donald Trump from the USA, or Li Kar Shing in Hong Kong, they all have a budget for any kinds of their own