6 New Styles of Wedding Decorations

Are you, same as many wedding couples, tired of the "standard package" of the wedding decoration?  I found some great new ideas that we can easily DIY and save a lot of money too!  Check them out here!不少新人厭倦了一些"標準package” 婚禮decoration... me too.  所以我特意去找了一些新想法,我們可以輕鬆地DIY,, 節省了不少錢呢! No more a standard photo on the easel stand.

7 Elegant Christmas Decoration Ideas

Be a little bit creative and you can save a double of your budget while celebrating two major events at the same time!SourceSourceSourceSourceSource  Source   Source Check out the tips and try a few. See which ones you like most and wow your guests.What do you think? Do you see our tips useful?  Feel

8 Cute Wedding Ideas

You might have started your wedding planning long long time ago, since you were still a little girl or boy? Live up to the cutest things and bring these ideas into your wedding, why not! These are time and money savers yet able to pump up your style. Be Yourself!