In Catholic, “Every marriage is a lifelong covenant of love and fidelity”.  So there are Church Law Requirements apart from those of the civil laws!

What are the Church Law Requirements?  The full version is listed on this link (,  or take a look at below with the major ones that are the commonly asked to fulfill :

在天主教的教義裡,“每一段婚姻是愛情和忠貞的終身契約”! 因此,除了香港法律以外,教會都有一套婚姻法則必須遵守。教會本身又有什麼要求呢?完整列出於( 請看看下面關於履行滿足一切要求的常見問題:


  • Notice should be given at the Church of the wedding as early as possible, but in any case at least 6 months before the proposed wedding date. (even before you give the Notice of Intended Marriage to the Hong Kong Government)應儘早給予婚禮的教堂通知,但任何情況下,建議須在婚禮日期前至少6個月提出。(即使尚未提交擬結婚通知書予香港政府)
  • Registration with the church of the wedding / 向行將舉行婚禮的聖堂登記
  • Participation in one of the available Pre-Marriage Formation Programmes /參加一項現行的婚前培育課程
  • Pre-Marriage inquiry conducted by a priest/由司鐸主持的婚前查詢

Mixed marriages, are to be discouraged. However, they may be contracted under certain conditions which are to be clearly explained to the parties concerned by the priests concerned.   A permission from the parish priest of the Catholic party (or from the parish priest of the church where the marriage will take place) is required for a Catholic who wishes to marry a baptised non-Catholic. A dispensation from the impediment of disparity of cult is required if he/she wishes to marry a non-baptised person.

教會不贊成宗教混合的婚配;但在某種條件下,得容許之。 同時司鐸應向有關的男女雙方解釋清楚這些條件。教友欲與一位已領洗的非天主教信友結婚,必須徵得所屬堂區主任司鐸(或行將舉行婚禮之聖堂之主任司鐸)的准許。教友欲與一位未領洗人士結婚,須獲得「信仰不同」婚姻無效限制的特別寬免


Which Catholic Churches are Licensed For Marriage?/ 獲准舉行婚配聖事的天主教聖堂

Click here for the full list for reference!  You can easily look up their address and contact from the same website to ask for more information!  These churches are all very familiar of the logistics so don’t be shy to ask!  The charges are vary and usually in the range of $2000-4000.

點擊此處查看完整的列表以供參考!可以輕易地於此找到全部地址、網頁及更多資料。這些教堂都非常熟悉物資運送,費用通常大既於 $2,000 – $4,000 這範圍內。  (See Section III)

Marriage from abroad? / 海外來的新人又如何?

If you are not a Hong Kong Resident but plan to get married in a Catholic Church in Hong Kong, a longer time is preferred to make the necessary filing of the marriage notice.  You may find the below information useful:


1      Ask Approach the home parish in your Diocese and present to your pastor this letter.  聯絡本身所在地教區之教堂,通知該教堂司鐸。

2      Ask your home parish pastor to conduct the Prenuptial Inquiry and transmit the a series of documents to the Chancery Office of your Diocese for notarization. 要求本身教區司鐸進行婚前諮詢,傳送一系列有關文件到教區。


3      Ask the Chancery Office of your home Diocese to review the whole dossier, to give necessary dispensations and/or permissions and to transmit them direct to the Chancery Office of the Diocese of Hong Kong a month before the celebration of the marriage to obtain a written nihil Obstat. [Address: Chancery Office, Catholic Diocese Centre, 12th Floor, 16, Caine Road, Hong Kong.

要求本身教區檔案館檢閱全部卷宗,且發出許可並於婚禮最少一個月前傳送到香港教區檔案館(地址: 香港堅道16號12樓。)


4       If a priest working outside the Diocese of Hong Kong wishes to officiate the ceremony in our parish, it is incumbent upon him to present a celebrate issued within one year before he is permitted to witness the marriage.

如果一個非香港教區司鐸, 希望在這教區主持儀式,他有責任於婚禮前一年之內呈上主持發布許可。


Click here for a 1-page full version here, which was previously obtained from one of the Catholic Churches in Hong Kong, so you might like to ask your church for a similar applicable copy!  Last by not least, check with the choir from the church where you plan to hold the ceremony. They are very pleased to help!




What is the usual Catholic marriage ceremony rundown?  Click here!



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