Real Weddings

A late-Summer Wedding at the Cambridge, England

Edwin and Katrina spent their university life in Cambridge.  They love music, they love the East meets West culture, and so the relationship blossomed, something

Feeling Thankful!

Feeling so thankful for having these wonderful clients, wonderful partners,  and wonderful working team, for making all these wonderful weddings!We couldn't have done these without your


How to Get Married Fast, Legally Binding, in 15 days only?

You want to get married, and want to get it fast without the hassle of waiting? If you find the traditional marriage registry too boring,  or Las

Wedding Dresses

6 reasons why I love order wedding dress online

It is undeniably that getting a wedding gown is one of the most exciting thing for a bride-to-be.  But for many brides who do not

A Quick Way To Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

Recently I received a lot of enquiries from brides, asking me how to get started to find a perfect wedding dress?  They told me they