How a Wedding Planner can help out in your wedding?

Planning a wedding is like a full time job, I’m serious. It’s a big project, but would also be the happiest project in your life. For this once in a life time event, have you planned to engage a professional Wedding planner? Nowadays, engaging a wedding planner is not as expensive as in the past. Today I have invited my good friend, Allan, who comes to share the happy side as well as the challenging side of his job. Let’s dive in and see what does he do to help out the wedding couples!

籌備婚禮就像是一個全職工作,我是認真的。每一個婚禮都是一個大Project,但也將是你生命中最快樂的Project,你有沒有打算聘請專業婚禮策劃師?今時今日 聘請婚禮策劃師不是像過去那樣昂貴。今天我邀請了我的好朋友,Allan,分享他工作光明的一面,以及具有挑戰性的一面。開始吧,看看他 如何 幫助新人!


Hey Allan, I know you carry a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) background. What brought you to make a move to the wedding planning industry? 你好Allan我知道你擁有CPA背景,有什麼原因把你帶離婚禮統籌這行業呢?

I studied Applied Psychology and through exploring my own value, I found that I have a value of “Aesthetics”. So I believe if I work in an industry which is related to beauty, I would be very passionate in that career. Therefore, I determined to make a move to the wedding planning industry and committed into this as my dream career. Wedding is one of the most beautiful life events after all.


Can you share with us the most memorable and unforgettable wedding that you have had before?


I could never forget the wedding that I helped out for a wedding couple, who are teachers from the same school. The wedding theme was a “Carnival” and many guests enjoyed so much and they danced till midnight. The parents of the bride even commented that this was the best wedding that they have ever participated. What also surprised me is, they handed me a very good testimonial after the wedding. And we are still in contact even after years of the wedding just like friends!





What are the most “challenging” wedding that you have had then? And how did you resolve the issues?


The same wedding that I mentioned above, is also the most “challenging” wedding because I need to solve the various conflicts, including the one in “Chinese tea serving traditions” arising out from the parents and grandparents. With my conflict management skills, not just the conflicts were resolved, the ceremony turned out as one of my best weddings with harmonized and enjoyable atmosphere.


Though there are a lot of wedding planners in town, how do you differentiate yourself from the others?


Since I am a Certified Public Accountant, so budgetary control and time management are my two major strength that can benefit most of the wedding couples. I am also a Certified Image Architect who can design a holistic image for the bride and groom. With my extensive network of wedding professionals, I would able to select quality vendors to save the couples’ time as well. As a Principal of the Association of Image Architects (AIAS) School of Wedding, I could make use of my professional knowledge and experience to direct the most memorizable wedding for the bride and groom.




Thanks Allan for such “professional” sharing, I’m really amazed with his so many professional titles and backgrounds. How to contact him for a free quote? Check it out below!



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