How to compare Wedding Suppliers?

When you meet a wedding vendor, what is your most frequently asked question? How do you compare wedding suppliers?   “What’s your PRICE?” Isn’t it?  Yes, I know how frustrating it could be when we talk about price, as it’s a “big project”, so you want everything value for money.  But on the other hand, when we thought we could hook on a “cheap photographer”, for example, did you also hear of the regrets there? 




So I always remind my brides – you have to ensure you are getting what you want. When you evaluate the vendors, it’s never an easy task like comparing an Apple to Apple.  Let me take a “Cooking Oil” for an example:

I went to the supermarket yesterday and thinking to get a bottle of “Cooking Oil”.  In front of me is a bottle of just HK$78.  And another bottle which is also a no-frills brand, which is HKI$109. They serve almost the same size, same function.  So it makes sense to pick the cheaper bottle, right?


The only difference you notice is that the cheaper bottle is made by a China factory.  Another bottle is made in Hong Kong. So I choose the bottle which costs a little more.  The reason is simple.  I care about my health.  It is made by Organic peppers, so the possibility that it would cause me sick, is small.
So it is all about “Value for Money”.  So next time when you evaluate your wedding vendors, how you should compare them?  Let me give you this break down for easy reference.

因此,是所有關於“對金錢價值”!Value for Money!  所以當你評估你不同的婚禮供應商時,相信以下的列舉可以幫到你:


You have spent many nights to try to get everything right on your wedding day.  So I would like to say you need to consider hiring a professional in order to avoid the possible nightmare.



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