How to Get Married Fast, Legally Binding, in 15 days only?

You want to get married, and want to get it fast without the hassle of waiting?

If you find the traditional marriage registry too boring,  or Las Vegas is too far away (or simply don’t like this sin city at all), then Hong Kong in the Far East, will definitely be your cup of tea.


8 Reasons that you should get married in Hong Kong:


1. Fast and less expensive – 15 clear days only

A traditional ceremony with the banquet hall is nice, but may take you a year to plan and it may cost a lot. If you want a fast wedding ceremony, Hong Kong law stipulates that notices of marriage should be exhibited for 15 “clear” days only, (i.e. 17 days including Sundays) at the marriage registry, to allow people who may object to the proposed marriage by writing though this hardly ever happens!

2. Venues
There are a huge number of choices in this city. From romantic, to scenery, beach, or even exciting option like roller coaster or under the sea, you have more than enough choices to get married fast, without giving up a nice, decent or unique opportunity that you deserve it once in a life time.

3. Legally binding and Official

The legal documentation of proof of marriage, is made available right away after our civil celebrant certified in the ceremony!

4. No residential requirements

You do not need to have a residential proof, non working or study visa in order to get married in Hong Kong. Non it will affect your residence status too.

5.  Tax Allowance

If you work in Hong Kong or have income taxable in Hong Kong, you will entitle the married persons allowances after marriage!

6. Simple documents Requirements

A valid passport and birth certificate are all you need.

If  you are between 16 and 21 years old, you will need the written consent of your father or legal guardian for getting married in Hong Kong. If he/she lives abroad, you will need extra documentation. Please check with us  if you fall into this category!

7.  Simple validation  even if it is not your first marriage
If this is not your first marriage, all you need to provide is a sealed certified copy of the court’s final divorce decree, translated into English if necessary. If you are widowed, proof of your former marriage as well as a death certificate of your deceased spouse is required.

8. Living abroad and want to get married in Hong Kong?

If you have not arrived in Hong Kong yet, you can also obtain your notice for getting married in Hong Kong from overseas. Your notice of marriage is valid for three months after your appointment with the registrar.

  newlywed couple standing with their parents


All in all, getting married in Hong Kong is  simple, fast and internationally recognized!


Have a look on some of our weddings here – a kind of East meets West that can surely give you one of a kind wedding, and it’s fast!

If you are thinking to get more information, feel free to drop us an email here.  We will revert asap, not more than 48 hours, even with a possible time zone difference!
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We offer complete service including everything below, that can make your wedding  memorable and  to be cherished for your entire life.
Bridesmaid Helping Bride with Veil

Civil celebrant service, venue sourcing and booking,  ceremony table decoration, personalized vows, bouquet and boutonniere, digital photography (2 hours), makeup and hair (1 hour), digital music for ceremony use, itinerary planning, accommodation booking, dress pressing service, attire hiring arrangement or tailor made arrangement. (Witness service available too if necessary)

All inclusive: US$ 3,680. All you can have in the same day !

 Or you can choose to just have a simple Civil celebrant service at our office for just US$998.

Bride in Veil with Red Rose Bouquet


So whether you are looking for a Traditional Ceremony or any signature Wedding in Hong Kong, we are here to serve the needs.

Check our availability by dropping us a message here!


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