How to get more views on your Instagram wedding Video

There are a lot of fun ways to share your wedding photos/video with your friends and families and I guess apart from Facebook, the next social media platform that you may choose will be Instagram.

Have you ever tried to share a video on Instagram? Instagram recently boosted the possible length of videos from the previous 15 seconds to up to 60 seconds. Awesome, isn’t it!  And you might like more people to share your happiness too, don’t you?  So what are the tips to get more views and engagement?


wedding video

Honestly, I’m not an Instagram genius, but I tried to search this for one of my clients and I got this blog post which I really love it – How to get more views on Instagram.  They teach you how to pick the right hashtags, how to write good descriptions and some other factors that might able to help.

Are you on Instagram?  I am here and do Add me now!  Check this out and I look forward to seeing you on Instagram too.  Let me know your unique hashtag if you have a wedding video to share so I can look you up from there!





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