How to make Mom Happy?

Mother’s Day is here. Got any plan this weekend?

這個母親節,  有任何計劃這個未?



If you don’t yet have any plan, then, you can’t get much faster than the internet! Click this to make a e-card one for your MOM!    Show it on your phone, tablet, share via what’sapp, and show your love to her! Will surely win her heart!  Better than anything!

如果你還沒有任何計劃,那什麼能比互聯網更快?!單擊此link做一個funny電子卡給你的媽媽!通過what’sapp , 手機或平板電腦顯示/共享,一定會贏得她的LIKE LIKE LIKE!比什麼都好ah!

This can definitely save you a million words (instead of a a thousand of dollars for a gift …. And it’s FUN!  



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