How to prepare a simple yet fresh and healthy meal on Mother’s day

Mother’s Day marks an occasion where we celebrate our moms, grandmothers, aunts, and maybe even myself…Are you planning anything this year?


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While many restaurants have started their standard kinds of promotion, I am wondering, how I can make the Mother’s day this year a little bit more special to treat my lovely mom (and myself!)

I am a huge fan of sashimi and sushi. And I’m believer that why Japanese can live longer than any other nation, is because of the Japanese diet, Okinawa in particular.





So this page from a recent “Sudden+” 飲食男女magazine has come to my attention – A fresh catch from Okinawa ocean, then flash frozen, and freeze delivery to Hong Kong within 24 hours via Ta-Q-Bin transport, the best and reliable delivery between Hong Kong and Japan!



2015-04-20_1742 delivery


Seems attractive! So I go online further and the comments are good too:
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Right! Why bother to eat the same kinds of Mother’s Day dinner every year, and forced to eat in a crowded restaurant, and wait in a long line even with advance reservation made? I made up my mind and decided to order directly from Okinawa Fresh, then host a simple, yet decent Mother’s Day dinner at home! What a wonderful way to celebrate the special women in our lives!

I plan to keep the menu simple, yet delicious. So I will go for a selection of tuna, shrimp, uni, squid, octopus, to make a platter! I will also make a simple miso soup with bean curd, some fried rice, fried mixed vegetable, and roast beef sticks too! I can easily get these things from any supermarket!




The final touch? Simply dress up your table with some pretty linens and flowers. You won’t believe how amazing the flowers can do to please your mom, while able to dress up the dining table! Have a look at these Japan preserved flowers, you can order your desired type, size, colors, directly from GGarden Handmade in Hong Kong.

And don’t be shy to give your mom a big hug and kiss ~ selfie time, and post to Facebook for sharing!


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Isn’t it easy to put together a beautiful and tasty gathering with very little stress? Leaving plenty of time for mahjong or video games together!

Have you considered making sashimi yourself? It’s certainly not difficult and, as an added bonus, it would be cheaper and better for you!

check out the website below!



Do you have any creative ideas to celebrate this Mother’s Day?  Tell us more!  Look forward to hearing from you!




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