iPod vs Wedding Live Band – How do you choose?

Hey, let’s get something serious about your wedding entertainment. I’m sure that you’ve been to some awesome parties in your life, some of them have their live bands to perform and create the atmosphere. You might have thought about:  should I choose iPod or live band?

Hey,你有否想過自己的婚禮, 會有什麼的音樂編排? 我敢肯定, 你人生中參與過一些很好很吸引人的婚禮, 其中亦會有一些婚禮, 會邀請樂隊表演來製造氣氛. 所以當你籌劃自己的婚禮,你有否想過究竟用ipod去自動播放音樂,或是邀請現場樂隊呢?


So when you walk down the aisle, post the vows, these are the key moments that the string musicians give you the touch of being very personal in the way they touch your heart. You can even customize the music and dedicate something special to your wonderful spouse!  Yes…..you know the difference! Awesome.

試想想當你準備march in, 宣讀你的誓詞, 這些重要的時刻, 如果有現場樂隊安排最貼心的音樂, 跟著可能會千變萬化的節奏, 奏出適當的音樂來感動人心. 這就是iPod vs Live Band的分別了. 你還可以挑選及準備個人的歌曲,送給你的至愛!




While you will have the venue decorated, and have spent so much effort/money in planning this once-in-a-lifetime event, you might like to hire musicians to play live.  It’s not a matter of the sound quality, but guests at a wedding usually enjoy live music more than “background” music.  You may try to imagine playing through iPod without a band on the floor/stage, will seem lack of the “spirit” to bring up the atmosphere.

當你已經投放了不同的婚禮,資源, 為求一生人一次的婚禮會盡興一點 , 我的建議都是最好會邀請現場樂隊. 這不是音質的問題,在婚禮, 客人通常享受現場音樂多個“背景”音樂。沒有一個樂隊,會顯得缺乏“精神”,缺乏”氣氛”。

I just catch up with Sandy, from Felice Studio, who recently completed one of the best weddings we have ever had for our clients.  You may like to know how you what you should know when hiring a live band!

我剛剛和Sandy (Felice Studio) 聊天, 你可想知道你應如何僱用一個現場樂隊?!


Hi Sandy, I know you studied music in Toronto, Canada. Can you tell us more about yourself and how you started Felice Studio? Sandy你好,我知道你是在多倫多讀音樂的,可告訴我們多一些關於你自己以及如何建立Felice Studio

Sandy:  I started playing piano since the age of seven. And during my high school years in Toronto, Canada, I participated in the school bands as a clarinet and percussion player too. The first time I performed in a wedding was for my friend who invited me to be the keyboard player on her big day. Shortly thereafter, many guests asked us for more information about wedding gigs and that’s why I decided to set up my Felice Studio, that was in 2012. Besides being a wedding musician, I am a music producer, arranger as well as a teacher.
我七歲在多倫多讀小學時已開始彈鋼琴,我參加了學校樂隊負責演奏單簧管及敲擊樂器。我第一次的婚禮演出,是獲邀在朋友婚禮上為樂隊鍵盤手, 該晚在埸很多賓客都向我們查詢關於婚禮演出的資料。至2012年我建立自己的Felice Studio作為我工作。除了是婚禮音樂之外,我同時也是音樂製作人、編曲人和音樂導師。




What do you love about being a Wedding Musician? 為婚禮演奏音樂,有什麼特別令你喜悅之處?

Sandy: I love sharing love stories through music. I actually enjoy to get a buzz out of helping people, so instead of treating myself as a band performer, I love being part of their wedding. I usually take my initiative to get know more about them as this will allow me to get the music presented in their own unique way.
我喜愛使用音樂分享戀愛故事。為婚禮演出, 我並不祇是一個樂隊成員, 我自己也成為了整個婚禮的一部份。我通常會跟一對新人在他們的大日子前作至少一次會面,透過加深對他們的了解,讓我以獨特的方式呈現適合他們的音樂.



What’s the most unique wedding you’ve ever played for? 在你經驗當中哪個婚禮演出是最獨特的?


Sandy: Some years ago, a pair of couple invited me to perform in their wedding ceremony in Repulse Bay beach. Yes, on the beach! I headed to the beach with my digital piano and performed barefoot. It was a sunny winter afternoon so the bridesmaids and many guests also took off their high heels and enjoyed the soft sand and the cool ocean breeze. The gorgeous singing from the bridesmaids and groomsmen brought every guest the sunshine and paradise. It was truly a very memorable wedding for me!

記得多年前一對新人邀請我在他們位於淺水灣海灘的婚禮演出,Yes, Beach Wedding!因此我需要安排把我的數碼鋼琴搬到海灘上, 我還赤腳演出! 賓客們以及姊妹們都脫下他們的高跟鞋去享受沙粒,那是一個陽光普照的冬日, 伴娘和伴郎都落力為一對新人獻唱,真是一個難忘的婚禮。


What makes you different from other musicians? 你認為你自己跟其他音樂人有何不同?

Sandy:  Being a wedding musician is not the same as just any other musicians. We need to observe the rundown, the styles, the atmosphere, the mood etc, and have the flexibility and instinct to adjust our pace, and possibly re-arrange the music according to the situation. All of my musicians have a solid music background. They are either graduated from well-known music institutions, or play an active role in different kinds of gigs for years. I believe each pair of couple are unique and special so we are trained to be all rounded in order to personalize and meet individual needs.




What is the most challenging part of your job?  你工作範疇內最具挑戰性的是什麼?


Sandy: The most challenging part of my job is to keep up with the trends, or create something new and unique and set it as a trend. So we are not just another wedding music band. We specialize in re-arranging music with the varieties of musical instruments.






What advice you can offer to the getting married when they look for wedding musicians? 對即將結婚而又希望有人為他們演奏婚禮音樂的新人們,你會有什麼意見呢?

My best advice is to look for a band which does not only have a solid music background (instead of freelancer), it should also be a great team who specialize in performing at wedding. It should offer a large selection of music for your choosing to suit the wedding theme and style. Check properly if there is any extra charge for performing music upon request, and whether the package price includes the PA System, transportation, arrangement fee etc. After all, It is your big day so only the professional will treat the gig as an honor to the couple and use their talents to let you shine.
我建議是尋找一個樂隊不只是有一個堅實的音樂背景, 也應該是擅長婚禮表演。它應該提供一個豐富的音樂選擇,適合婚禮的主題和風格。問清楚任何額外費用,套餐價格是否包括在PA系統,交通運輸,安排費用等等。畢竟,這是你的大日子,所以只有專業婚禮樂隊, 將演出作為一種榮譽,用自己的才華,讓你閃耀。

DSC07944 border It was a sunny afternoon when I met Sandy for this chat, and I have to say, I am very lucky of meeting her, the Felice Studio, as she helped out in one of our client’s wedding early this year and received a lot of compliments. I can see her team is experienced and love what they do. They keep up with the latest music, trends and brought a real energy to the wedding! In that wedding, I particularly like the ceremony part in which Sandy has arranged a Guzheng musician to play the classical music as well as some Chinese music. This really made the wedding unique and different. We are so happy to work with Felice Studio so if you are also looking for wedding music, get in touch with her here:

當我跟Sandy聊天, 也是一個陽光明媚的下午. 我不得不說,我很幸運認識到Sandy from Felice Studio,,因為她在今年年初幫助我們的Agnes & Terence的婚禮,並獲得了很多讚美。我可以看到她的團隊是經驗豐富,熱愛工作。他們跟上最新的音樂和趨勢, 帶來了真正的energy!在婚禮上,我特別喜歡Sandy安排的古箏音樂家, 演奏古典音樂以及一些中國音樂。這著實讓婚禮特顯不同和獨特。所以如果你也在尋找婚禮音樂,可以在這裡直接聯繫她:

Website: www.felicestudio.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FeliceStudio
Blog: http://felicestudio.com/blog/
Contact Number: 3426 4898
What’s app Number: 6180 9052
Email: info@felicestudio.com

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/felicestudio




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