Looking for A Greenery and Oceanic Wedding Venue?

Gold Coast Hotel is one of my favorite hotels by the beach. Maybe it is rare to have such a nice place for indulgence in Hong Kong, this unique place has a greenery and blue oceanic view that you can enjoy the sun and beach just like in the Gold Coast in Australia! Simply imagine you can have the ceremony on the green, and continue to have your wedding reception/banquet in the hotel which is just a few steps away.

在香港這個石屎森林,沒有很多地方像黃金海岸酒店, 可面向藍色的海洋、 兼具有綠草如茵的坪地。在此享受陽光與海灘,真的令人猶如身處澳洲黃金海岸一樣。試想想,如果可以在嫩綠的草地上舉行你的婚禮,然後在旁邊的酒店,盛宴招待親朋好友,是何等美好啊!

I am also attracted by the lovely photos of the Gold Coast Yacht Club, which is just nearby. The spectacular, luxury yachts look so attractive. It’s hard to say how it gets that feel. Maybe it has to do with it being a marina town. But whatever it is…I am very sure that they are two of the few places in Hong Kong that have these beautiful natural environments for wedding!

而在酒店旁的黃金海岸遊艇會也是另一引人入勝的地方,當然最吸引人的正是停泊在內哪些壯觀豪華遊艇團隊。既有迷人的自然風光又有壯觀的遊艇碼頭景象,這等地方在香港來說, 實屬罕有。

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I am super excited now… Why? As there will be a Wedding Fair this Sunday at these two pretty venues! And there is a free ride when we join their opening welcome reception at the Royal Pacific Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui (“TST”)!  What’s better than this when we can visit these venues all at one time. Thanks Sino Group, which has ready a coach to take us from TST to Gold Coast, and a return trip to follow after the show.


可有衝動想親身體驗這優美的結婚會場嗎?本星期日 10月12日 正好是這兩個優雅的場地,舉行他們的婚禮博覽會,而主辦單位信和集團, 亦體貼地在尖沙咀之皇家太平洋酒店,安排了一個歡迎酒會,有專車乘載參觀者來回黃金海岸酒店及遊艇會,再回程到尖沙咀,非常貼心的安排。


If you like many of our wedding couples, are looking for a unique wedding venue, join us this Sunday 12th Oct, for this Wedding Fair, “A Paradise by the Sea”. Needless to say… this special tour, bundled with a number of on stage activities, with live band, food tasting, and the bridal show, will have lots of fun.

如果你跟很多其他即將結婚的新人們有一樣想法,希望位於一個獨特的地方舉行你夢想的婚禮;記緊這日子: 10月12日”A Paradise by the Sea” 婚禮博覽會!對你來說這肯定將會是一個特殊的遊歷,配上一連串舞台活動、現場樂隊、美食品嚐、當然必定有婚紗展,精彩節目令你樂趣無窮可想而知。


By the way, there are attractive “Goodies Bag” loads with really attractive goodies including but not limited to Agnes B chocolate, Bare Minerals skincare, and many others….  With the great reputation for the professional banquet support at Sino Group Hotels, I hope you will able to enjoy their friendly and helpful team who do care for the big day just as much as I do!

除精彩節目外,參加者亦可獲得豐富禮品包,Agnes B 朱古力、Bare Minerals 護膚品,還有很多很多…..隨著信和集團旗下酒店享負盛名之專業服務,希望大家能夠享受他們友好及樂於助人的團隊幫助。


Date/日期: 12th October 2014(Sunday)
Gather Point/集合地點: Royal Pacific Hotel in TST/尖沙咀皇家太平洋酒店平台「維港堤畔」

Time/集合時間: 11 a.m.

*Free Ride (return trip between Royal Pacific Hotel in TST and HK Gold Coast Hotel免費專車接送往返香港黄金海岸酒店及皇家太平洋酒店

*Free Admission/免費入場

11:00am A Welcome Reception at Royal Pacific Hotel/皇家太平洋酒店平台「維港堤畔」歡迎會

11:55am  Free ride to HK Gold Coast Hotel/專車出發前往香港黃金海岸酒店

12:30pm Arrive HK Gold Coast Hotel, Registration, Goodies Bag/抵達香港黃金海岸酒店,登記及派發精美禮品包

1:00pm – 4:00pm Wedding Expo at HK Gold Coast Hotel 遊覽香港黃金海岸酒店展區

•Food tasting/bridal show/liveband/wine…米芝蓮得獎菜式示範、婚紗匯演、樂隊演奏及婚宴美酒推介
2:00pm – 3:00pm Free Ride to Gold Coast Yacht and Country Club. 專車出發往返黃金海岸鄉村俱樂部遊艇會
4:30pm Free Return trip to TST China Hong Konc City/專車出發往尖沙咀中港城解散


WANT TO JOIN?  Shoot us an email if you are interested to take a free ride, and the goodies bag!   Email: pr@fiesta-collection.com


如果你都想參與此Wedding Fair又想獲得豐富禮品包,請儘快聯絡我們。




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