Meet The Master Chocolatier – “Schoggi Meier”

“He” is from Switzerland. “He” loves sweets – chocolate in particular. “He” loved to go into the kitchen and learnt dessert making from his mom while he was still a kid, and that’s when his interest in chocolate making was developed. At the age of 16, he already joined a famous confectionery manufacturer in Zurich as an apprentice. And at the age of 24, he has made possibly the most risky yet a correct decision of his life: he came to Hong Kong alone and started up his chocolate career. By now, his company is considered one of the most successful chocolate companies in Hong Kong. WHO IS HE? The Chocolate Leader ~ Schoggi Meier – Mr. Jurg Meier.

Mr. Meier
“Schoggi” means “Chocolate” in Swiss German. With his great passion in chocolate, Jurg gave himself another name “Schoggi Meier”, meaning “Chocolate Meier” and that’s how the brand name “Schoggi Meier” emerged and was born.
For Jurg, chocolate is not simply sweet or dessert, it’s a live product which he can play with using all his imaginations. It may sound crazy, but when you see Jurg who can turn chocolate into whatever shapes and flavors that he likes, for instance, Chocolate of Wasabi, Mustard, Black Truffle, or even Black Garlic, you will agree with him that chocolate is a live product and there is no limitation for new creations! Not surprising enough? How about using chocolate to construct a Terracotta Army? To successfully create a new chocolate product, he gets through a lot of trial-and-errors which is challenging yet interesting! Jurg is just like a magician that under his magical hands, all the chocolates come to life!

You may ask, why Jurg chose to come to Hong Kong and developed his chocolate career here? As we all know, Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city, so for Jurg, his observation told him that Hong Kong people always find products from foreign countries more attractive. That makes it a great place to introduce his Swiss chocolate. And undoubtedly, Hong Kong is a good stepping stone for “Schoggi Meier” business to go and grow into China.
Having said that, setting up business in Hong Kong was not as easy as he thought. As one of the famous Chinese proverb sayings: “It may not be a smooth ride for many startup businesses.” The first challenge was of course the language. “Most of the customers and staff spoke Cantonese only. Cultural difference between Swiss and Chinese is another challenge too, the way we talk and work sometimes are quite different. It took time for us to adapt.” Jurg said.
After the 20 years, Meier’s passion in chocolate is still burning like fires. He insists to hand-make each and every piece of his chocolates, using the highest quality of raw materials (e.g. couverture from Switzerland, hazelnut from Piedmont, Italy, etc.) and produce them freshly in Hong Kong every day. Unlike many other chocolate brands which are produced in different countries and then transported to Hong Kong, the chocolate loses their freshness, and the taste and texture would change too. Their product quality, freshness, innovation and the excellent and experienced craftsmanship makes “Schoggi Meier” better than any other chocolate companies in Hong Kong, not to mention their high flexibility in making chocolate in different shapes, designs, tastes and packaging too! Customers would never be disappointed when they can have their unique chocolate created by Schoggi Meier. Jurg proudly said, “Besides, our upfront passionate staff members, no matter it’s our production staff who heartily produces the best chocolate, or the frontline sales staff who provides the best customer service, also contribute to the success of our company.”
Setting up a Schoggi Meier chocolate specialty shop is not only Jurg’s wish, but a wish of all his staff too! So if you would love to taste Schoggi Meier’s chocolate, order it online ( now as a support. I’m sure you will like and appreciate what they make!





Photos:  Schoggi Meier

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