Overseas Wedding Photoshoot – Beautiful Canada

Hi there, I am finally back to Hong Kong after the 3 weeks travel to Vancouver and Toronto in Canada!  Miss you all!
你好嗎? 去了加拿大溫哥華及多倫多三個星期, 終於回來香港了, 很掛念你們啊!

The summer months of July and August are best for visiting.  Not just because of the fresher air and the pretty trees and flowers, but also the very good weather ranges between 16-23 C,  that makes you feel so comfortable whenever and wherever you go!   Look at these flower bunches, love them?  Most of the things are not expensive in Canada. Guess how much are these flowers?  Including tax it is just approx. HK$290. Isn’t it awesome!!

加拿大的天氣真是相當好,空氣清新, 樹木優美,   覺得非常幸福。看看這些美麗花束, 是否相當吸引呢?估下多少錢?連税才不過HKD290。 在加拿大, 很多東西都相當便宜。 這兒的夏天,完全没有香港的潮濕及炎熱,温度徘徊在18-26度之間, 非常清爽。

Apart from visiting my friends and relatives, this year I went to both Vancouver and Toronto, finding the best places for overseas wedding photoshoot  from west to east. If you find the regular Europe tour boring, I hope Canada can be your another choice!  I LOVE CANADA!
所以今次到來東西兩岸, 除探親及好朋友之餘, 亦為大家作一次婚禮攝影真實探路! 如果欧洲法國意大利等地方已满足不了您想要的特色, 在這個加拿大家鄉, 可能會尋找到你想要的獨特風格?  I love Canada!
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我将會編輯一個加拿大之旅的相簿, 並詳細訴説值得留意的景點及優點。 有興趣的可以登入這連結。see u there!



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