Tailor Made or Rent your Bridal Gown?

Have you ever thought of renting your wedding dress or asking a dressmaker for a quote? How I usually explain to my brides whether they need a tailor made or rent a dress, I usually quote my regular example of “dining out”.

選擇婚紗,當然是每個新娘子在籌劃她婚禮之中, 被視為重要的一環.。但究竟是租婚紗好, 還是訂做好呢?會很貴嗎?通常新娘子問我同一個問題的時候,我都會嘗試用一個”出外食飯”的例子來幫她計劃一下。


Imagine you are going to have a regular meal in a restaurant and what you can select will be from their menu. The kitchen will use their food which are prepared in advance, reheat it, then serve you.  This is same situation for renting a dress from a bridal shop. You would choose the dresses from their racks (or flip thru the various styles that they have from their iPad/tablets), and they will take the dress from their storage, alter it to your size then you are off to go.  In Hong Kong, renting a bridal dress (I mean those in a better quality) costs approximately $4000-9800, and the rental period is usually 3 days 2 nights.


試想想平常出外用餐,你通常可以在他們的菜牌上揀選你自己喜愛的食物,背後的廚房便會用他們已經預先準備好的食材,加熱後,便 為你奉上. 同一道理, 當你嘗試去租婚紗的時候,你都知可以挑選他們架上的款式,或者從他們的iPad上瀏覽他們其他有的款式,然後他們就會拿出同一條裙子,去改造適合你的尺寸。 好處就是夠快又夠平. 在香港稍為好一點婚紗大約是$4000- 9800不等。 租三日兩夜。


How about when you are looking for a specific fine dining, to celebrate your big day/big event?  You may like to have that specific meal tailored to your appetite, with your preferred ingredients, and the right amount of seasoning that can meet your custom diet. And most importantly, a true professional chef to handle it, so that you can enjoy every moment from the guaranteed food quality, to the right matching of wine/drinks, the atmosphere, and the good memory lasts forever.
That is the same of hiring a professional dressmaker who is expected to deliver a consistent good quality of things that you desire, a unique pattern, the fabrication, the cutting, and the craftsmanship.  What you are buying is not just a dress for your big day, it is a journey of planning your once in a life time wedding, have the dress that can be kept for a lifetime, and pass on generation to generation.


相反, 如果你希望出外有一個fine dining或私房菜, 在那兒,你可以嘗試去要求某一款的食物, 用某一款的食材, 甚至在烹調的方式, 你都可以作出一些要求。 再配合為你建議的紅/白酒或飲品,或你自己帶來的珍藏,令整頓晚餐、 在環境、 食物、飲品、 個人的喜好, 來個天衣無縫的配合。  最重要的就是有一個專業的廚師,為你整個的設計及製造下功夫、花心思。讓你可以 享受每一個的過程, 令一生人一次的婚禮, 帶來無限的美好回憶。所以付出的價錢, 就是一個專業師傅去配合你個人的需要、 風格、 優質的布料、 用他們的專業意見及cutting,去遮掩你身體上任何自覺不完美的地方。 而這一件專屬你個人的婚紗, 可以保存一世,甚至每代相傳……



So whether you want a tailor made bridal gown or rent from the racks, it will be the same question of whether you are going to hire a professional chef or just order a Set Meal A/B/C/D/E from a restaurant around the corner.


So have you ever tried to ask a dressmaker for a quote? From sketching, to mock up, fabrication, fitting, cutting, and sewing, piece by piece according to your unique design and requirements, it may take a dressmaker from 60 hours to 140 hours to custom make a bridal gown.  (So you can imagine how much the pay for a month’s work is).   It’s all about the profession, the expertise, and the experience that are totally different from the machine mass production.  A piece that is professionally made may cost around $18k Hong Kong Dollars (US$2000-2500).

你有否嘗試打價,究竟要全新做一套屬於自己個人的婚紗,需要多少錢呢? 一般訂造的過程,大約需要三至六個月的時間,六個月會比較穩陣,師傅的時間大約需要60至140小時。你可以試想想, 有水準的師父及designer, 人工包料 ,在香港大約需要港幣18,000起。 價錢其實也只是相當於一個普通人一個月薪金。


So if you are thinking to custom make a piece of your bridal gown, trust me, no-one’s ripping you off, that figure worth’s it. Instead, you might like to spend less on some other things (e.g. decoration, which is just for one day display/presentation only).



And you can tell from these real brides sharing.


Brides’ experience with Chinoiserie


Cary Choi:  Thanks, your dress is sooooo glamorous, elegant n wonderful — with Chinoiserie HongKong.





Athena Yeung:  The Dress and my Style – Perfect match!



Full Beading vintage lace Gown. 300 hand-beading hours.

14 different types of sequins and beads. Total weight 4.5lbs

Thousands complements on the wedding night!

testimonial-1 10968306_1179247362092702_1437912347551988615_n 10352822_1179247415426030_3780197897048464664_n


We are always looking forward to hearing from new brides with your individual requests and requirements, so simply get in touch with us here!


Chinoiserie is offering to our fans here $2000 (Hong Kong Dollars) off on custom made dress till 31 March 2015.  Call them up here:

Email: Chinoiserie.hk@gmail.com

Tel: 852 + 21309875 / 96369657

Address: Ground Floor, Shop 7-8 Western market, Sheung Wan

It is worth checking out their Facebook page here as they regularly post new dresses and real clients so you can get a feel for their work.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chinoiserie/203916809625767


Basically they do custom made dresses only, they do have a good range of dresses for rental though.  I must admit that they have done quite a good job and I’m particularly impressed with the customer services, that you can grab a lot of good understanding of what style or design will/won’t work on you, even from the first trial at her boutique!  And they never charge trial fee on my clients!



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