The Legend of Qipao – Interview with Eve @ Chinoiserie

Many young girls dream about what style of wedding dress they would like to wear on the big day. But for many brides, they are just overwhelmed by the huge collection that they find online or offline. Honestly, we need a professional person, who do not hard sell his/her own stock, but offer her professional advice and help you get a dress that is really you!

Globalization is an inevitable trend, and Qipao, the traditional Chinese dress, is also becoming more and more popular in the international fashion stage. By looking at the popularity of our Hong Kong fashion designer in the global stage, Vivienne Tam , who is inspired by the Chinese culture, the East meets West, the so-called “China Chic”, and you will know how important, or I should say, how blessed we are, able to benefit from the elegance that Qipao can bring along.

許多女孩 都夢想著 結婚當日會穿什麼風格的婚紗。但對於許多新娘, 縱使他們可以在網上網下尋找很多不同類型的婚紗相片, 但到最後都茫然地, 不知選擇哪一款 。說實話, 一生人一次的婚禮, 我們需要的,不是一個強買強賣的 售貨員 , 而是 一個專業有道德的人事,能提供專業、 能獨立判斷那一件衣服才能夠帶出你的外在美及內在美!

全球化是一個必然的趨勢,旗袍-中國的傳統服飾,在國際時尚舞台也變得越來越流行。看看我們的香港時裝設計師Vivenne Tam( 譚燕玉),中國文化的啟發,東方遇到西方,你就會知道“中國時尚”有多麼重要,或者我應該說,我們是多麼幸福,能夠從旗袍帶動自身的優雅。


I recently spoke with a fashion designer and Qipao tailor, Eve, about how she started her bridal dress business in 2006, Chinoiserie by Eve Evelyn. Let’s see how we can benefit from her professional advice.

我最近採訪了一位時裝設計師,EVE, 他2006年已經開始了她第一間的婚紗禮服公司 ,Chinoiserie by Eve Evelyn。讓我們看看我們如何能夠從她的 敬業樂業的精神中受惠。


Eve - The Founder of Chinoiserie
Eve – The Founder of Chinoiserie

Jane:  Hey Eve, I know you graduated from a University in Canada with an Art Degree. So what brought you to open a wedding boutique that specializes in both bridal dress and Qipao making?



Eve: I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Economics, University of Manitoba in 2002, and returned Hong Kong. I love everything that is related to the Wedding. It is a job that celebrates love, commitment and joy, especially when the dresses come to perfect and unique.

I particularly love Qipao, which is surely internationalized for the past decade.
The East and West fusion, have brought us so much love from our brides, and since then we have built a high reputation from major cities including but not limited to North America, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and the Greater China.



我十分喜愛旗袍,而大多女士都希望可以穿上揉合東西方設計精髓的服裝。所以把東方式旗袍色彩滲進西方傳統婚紗, 是一件那麼美好的事啊…而至今在婚禮市場上尚未有別的人,走上揉合東西方設計的旗袍 。自從2006 年生產第一件旗袍禮服,短短一年間,已受到不少新娘子喜愛,,且於一些海外地方如北美、歐洲、新加坡、台灣、中國、澳洲等地巳建立自身良好的聲譽了。



Jane: We all know Qipao is the classic dress for Chinese women, but I also see a lot of Westerners coming to you for making one-of-a-kind special piece.
What is the attractive thing there that you can share with us?



Eve: Having a master piece of Qipao is not just about a sewing machine, design drafting, patterns, and the materials. We’ve got to know about the body shape and the respective proportion, before we go into the detail discussion about the design of the dress and the materials. I am a very detailed person and my customers do have a high expectation from me too. This involves a lot of patience, time and TRUST. I am not a person who just to complete a job for a profit. Every dress from me, is a blessing and honor for the bride!

製造一件特別的旗袍, 不只是一台縫紉機,設計繪圖,模式和材料。我們必須了解身體的形狀和各自的比例,深入討論禮服和材料的設計細節。我是一個非常詳細的人,我的客戶確實很高要求, 且對我有很高的期望。這涉及到很多的耐心,時間和信任。我不是一個只是為了盈利完成一項工作的人! 我真的把每一件禮服視作一個祝福,一個向新娘的永遠歌頌。


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Jane: What are the most “challenging” thing when a bride needs to wear a Qipao?

當一位新娘子要穿上一件旗袍時, 什麼是最大的挑戰?

Eve: Her Trust and Confidence on her very own body. 9 out of 10 brides are not willing to try on a Qipao. But actually, every lady is gifted to wear a Qipao and look beautiful and elegant. It is just a matter of what style, what shape, and what fabrics/materials to choose that make the Qipao a great piece to wear. So if you are not getting a right Qipao for yourself, it kills your true beauty. There won’t be a perfect Qipao on rack without any alterations or custom made.
她們對自己身體的信任和信心,十之八九的女士最初都會害怕穿上旗袍,唯一的理由是:我沒有好的身材。但其實這是十分錯的! 要信自己!能夠優雅及漂亮地穿上旗袍絕對是一個給東方女性天賦的厚待。問題是:什麼使一件旗袍可以完美地以正確的材料與比例,達到客人要求?其中一個地方不足的話, 會把整件旗袍徹底破壞。一件沒經過量身訂做及改動的旗袍絕不可能成為一件完美的旗袍。




Jane: What are the things that we need to know before we decide to go for a
traditional Kwa or Qipao?


Eve: Well discuss with your fiancée and parents if there is any special need on the attire for your wedding. For example, any colors or the level of “sexiness” that should be avoided. Never allow an opportunity that may turn your wish into an argument. It is never an All or Nothing. But listen to your tailor/designer, as well as your heart. Qipao is all about self-expression of your individuality, the inner beauty, in a subtle way.

跟未婚夫及家長們作詳細討論了解在整個儀式有何特別要求,有什麼顏色禁忌以及性感底線等等。我絕對不想看見一份祝福演變成為吵架!淘出一會安靜時刻, 來冷靜地傾聽來自設計師的建議,也許你會聽到一些前所未有的意見,但這很可能是一個非常新的方式來展現你美麗的另一面。

Jane: How can we look good in a Qipao if we do not have a good “body shape” to show the curves?



Eve: Leave this challenging task to us as we will have the right tools and professional knowledge to let you try out different styles of the dress. So what you will need to get prepare before you do the trial is to wear the right bra and underwear to correct the body. During your fitting, we would surely present you the full detail in this field.  Last but not least, same for any dress fitting, you have to believe yourself and have a good discipline on your diet. Beauty comes to the attitude of loving your body!


儘管把這艱鉅的任務給我們,如你真的很想穿起旗袍的話,我們一定可以為你做出正確的形態。 佩戴合適的胸罩和內衣褲去糾正身形,我們會跟客人在她們試身階段詳細說明一切. – 好好管理飲食習慣控制體重,美麗是來自你對自己身體的愛惜!




So, what is the everlasting elegance means?  May be you will able to visualize from this famous movie here.






Website:  Chinoiserie


Contact Number: 2130 9875

What’s app Number: 9636 8657


Shop 7-8, G/F Western Market, 323 Des Voeux Road Central
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong



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