The Magic of a Good Making Qipao? 穿著長衫旗袍 – “肚腩”立即消失了?

Am I pretty on this look?  I haven’t had any great looking snapshot, and this is one of the very few.  With just 10 minutes, I had this qipao, hair set, and went to support a 10th anniversary party.  What is the most challenging thing to wear a qipao?  Bingo,  it’s the belly tummy.  But mine is completely covered up, almost instantly when I put on this dress.  Amazing… Thanks Eve from Chinoserie.  A real good quality dress!

漂亮嗎? 我昨晚的造型就是這樣了…
好難得有一張咁靚 snapshot. 十分鐘就換好衫, set好頭, 工商界十週年慶典去. 穿著長衫旗袍, 最害怕的就是大肚腩, 但我一 穿著這條裙, “肚腩”立即消失了! 這就是師父大人的奇功了…. 超讚! 多謝阿Eve, 長衫旗袍手工一 流, . 做得非常細緻, Pro!

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