What are the traditional foods for British and Chinese? – “中西方習俗有什麼傳統食物?”

When we talk about what is the most traditional food for Chinese that we will usually have for wedding, I guess you would agree with me that it’s “Rice Ball Soup” (pronounce as “Tang Yuan”), which is made with sweet rice flour with different types of sweets stuffing and cook in sweet soup.   So as you can imagine from the shape of the rice ball and the sweets, it is a good blessing to the newly weds a sweet and smooth marriage, and these are usually served in the morning after the groom fetches the bride. One of the interesting things is that the bride and groom cannot chew the rice balls as that would mean affecting their round and smooth life. They are supposingly taken straight down from mouth then swallow it down!


How about for British? It’s Fruitcake, adorned with fruit, nuts and marzipan.  It symbolizes the fertility and good fortune.  (Source: www.womansday.com).   Princess Diana was also served with Fruitcake at her wedding with Prince Charles.

至於西方呢? 是一個水果蛋糕,裝飾著水果,堅果和杏仁蛋白軟糖,象徵著生育和好運。已故威爾斯王妃戴安娜與查理斯王子於1981年結婚並在婚禮上提供水果蛋糕。

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