25 Wedding Banquet Saving Tips

Looking for Wedding Banquet Saving Tips? Be prepared before you and your partner go and visit the wedding venue. In this competitive Hong Kong market, it is likely that the sales people will try to get you to commit immediately to their venue, but it’s important that you have your complete review of the potential venues first before you make any signature and deposit.  Be aware of the “Scare Tactic” as they might say the space won’t be available if you wait.

在香港這個高度競爭的市場裡,一定會有人為了獲取生意出盡任何方法務求令你儘快下決定預訂他們的場地。但你必定要抱持得住,到過所有你計劃中的婚宴場地逐一探訪過後才簽訂合約及付上訂金。尤其是要特別小心一些”大你”(如不停說道再等的話該場地好快會被卜滿) 的銷售策略。


Check out our proposed sample questions below.  Make sure you jot down the answers after each venue visit to avoid mix up of the details. You can go back to this summary and compare them later.  Take some snap shots too to facilitate your review.



Sample Questions:

1.         What is the expandability of the venue to accommodate extra guests, if necessary?

2.         Is there a minimum charge? 

3.         What are your menu packages and what do they include? Is there a 10% charge on top? Can we make certain amendments of the foods/drinks from the package?

4.         Can we supply our own traditional food if we choose? E.g. we provide our own suckling pig which may not be included in our western buffet menu?

5.         Beverages – Is package available?  Do you support open bar? What is the charges and what kinds of beverages are provided. Free corkage for self-brought wine?

6.         Decoration – Will you provide us a stage?  What is the size of that? Will it come with basic decoration? Will you provide us a wedding logo design and production too? Will you provide lighting with special effects, e.g. spotlight for our march-in? Will you also provide Reception area and table?  Do they come with skirting and decoration?

7.         Are we allowed to bring in “manual poppers”, “candles”, “real confetti?”

8.         Will you support us by printing the seating plan, place cards?

9.         How many easel stands you can supply us to put up our wedding photos etc?

10.     Centerpiece – Will you provide it for every table? What are the flower choices?   re they real or silk flowers? Can I have the flexibility in choosing the same type of flowers, but of different colors so as to match my desired theme?

11.     Are there any choices of table clothes and seat covers?

12.     Do you work exclusively with a group of vendors or we can have our own vendors? Do we need to get your approval for using our choices?

13.     Do you supply the PA system and projector? How many microphones will be made available? Wireless or Wired?

14.     Will you provide the wedding cake or do we need to get it on our own?  Is the wedding cake a dummy, or real wedding cake?  How many lbs and/or how many persons can be served?

15.     How many hours are included in the venue rental? What is the earliest time we can come to do the setup and what time we will need to leave the facility? Will there be an extra charge after the indicated time?

16.     How many waiters/waitress will be available that day to serve our expected number of guests?

17.     How many bridal rooms are available?  Can we have an extra one for the moms/bridesmaids?  Is these rooms equip with hair dryer, safe, hangers, mirror?

18.     Will you include the shuttle service?

19.     Will there be other wedding receptions/banquets happening at the same time? Will there be some areas that we can’t access to because of this?

20.     How many complimentary car parks can be made available?  How much for the valet parking, etc.?

21.     Will you provide a complimentary Food tasting?

22.     Will you support our crew meals in the same evening?

23.     Will you offer us a special price for family dinner the night before the big day, and/or lunch on the big day?

24.     If the venue is a hotel: What room rate can you offer our guests? And how many rooms can you guarantee us at that rate?

25.     Does anything we’ve seen today cost extra?


  1. 如果有額外的客人,該場地能否擴展以迎合需要?
  2. 有沒有最低收費?
  3. 菜單上包括什麼東西?
  4. 如有特別選擇得傳統食品,能否自行帶同前往?例如若果能該餐廳本身沒有供應乳豬的話,主人家可否自行帶備?
  5. 飲料 – Package?什麼收費和提供什麼樣的飲料?自來酒免開瓶費?
  6. 會否提供舞台?有的話舞台舞大小?有否提供基本場地佈置?能否提供婚禮標誌設計及制作?能否提供特別燈光效果如新人進場時之聚光射燈? 能否提供位置及桌子作接待處之用,有的話桌子又有否裝飾?
  7. 能否自行帶備手動拉炮、蠟燭、五彩紙屑的物品?
  8. 會否列印座位表及位置咭?
  9. 多少畫架可提供以作放置婚紗照或其它用途?
  10. 有沒有餐桌中央的擺飾(通常是鮮花)提供?是否每一枱都有?能否自行選擇自己喜歡的花種及顏色?
  11. 能否自行選擇自己喜歡的枱布和椅套顏色?
  12. 場地有否指定的供應商?能否自行選擇自己喜歡的供應商?
  13. 會否提供音響系統及放映機?有多少麥克風可提供,無線或有線?
  14. 會否提供結婚蛋糕?是假抑或是真正的蛋糕?有多少磅以及可供應多少位賓客?
  15. 租用期共有多少小時?最早什麼時間可進場進行設置?所有設施最遲什麼時間要全部搬離?結有延誤又會否收取額外費用?
  16. 總共會有多少位服務員當值?
  17. 有多少間新娘房可提供?如有需要有否額外房間供借用?房間中有否風筒、夾萬、衣架、鏡子等設施?
  18. 會否提供穿梭巴士?
  19. 同時同地會否有另一婚禮一起舉行?
  20. 有多少免費停車位提供予賓客?如代客泊車費用又多少?
  21. 會否提供免費試食?
  22. 會否提供婚禮工作人員膳食?
  23. 如家人在婚禮前一晚或當日下午進膳,可會提供優惠?
  24. 如果是酒店,可為賓客提供多少優惠客房?
  25. 尚有什麼地方會有機會有額外收費?


Once you have made your visits and compare the pros/cons of each potential venue, make your final choice. Negotiate before you commit!   Be sure to negotiate as much as you can before making your down payment, as after the deposit, it’s hard to renegotiate.  And the deposit is usually non-refundable.

Since the wedding banquets may consume approximate half of your wedding budget or more, I would recommend you to look at the staff’s behavior/attitude, especially the sales person you meet, who will be handling the details for you. You might like to ensure he/she will be a person that you feel comfortable and love to work with.



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Try to get a wedding planner to help who might able to negotiate more benefits for you.  It is because the venue won’t expect you come for “wedding” again, but they know wedding planners can come back with more clients for them!   See if we can be of help!



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