• Feel too many other vendors competing in the your category of business? /同行中太多競爭?
  • Impossible to stand out? /自知有本事但難以突圍而出?
  • Tired of paying expensive advertising that doesn’t give you the exposure that you need? / 雜誌廣告又貴又不大成效?
  • Feel difficult to reach out to the high quality brides? / 怎樣令高質素的目標客户欣賞你的才華?


Engaging yourself on our pretty and quality wedding media platform,, assures that your branding are promptly exposed to high quality brides. is an “unmanned” sales territory, We hate to create burden to the existing work staff with too much work.

You may have come to distrust “media salesmen” and we don’t blame you. No doubt, somewhere, somehow, they have given you a bad taste in your mouth. We also don’t like the lack of ethics, the “hard sell” sales approach, and the “get in your face” attitude some salesmen use to manipulate you into making a decision.

We consider you a respected, intelligent person. Capable of making a good decision. We put you in front of these quality wedding couples in the so you can be up and running.

The reality of sponsoring at is not how much to invest in the fee, but how much business revenue is being lost by neglecting our customers or potential business waiting to be contacted.


3 reasons why our listings are different:

  1. We make sure that wedding couples see your listing because we heavily promote our website to wedding couples.
  2. We only accept 6 wedding vendors per category to ensure you gain the maximum exposure.
  3. We’ll showcase your contacts on our mobile app.We make sure that you are in the spotlight. Linking from to your website will naturally help your website’s search engine ranking. Our visitors are mostly affluent, educated.

What do we offer:

  • Premium Directory Listing
  • Business Description
  • Category & Location
  • Include A Large Image
  • Social Media Links
  • A Featured Article (about the company/management/product/service)
  • Social Promotion (at least 4 links on social media every month for the featured article)

How much?  US$360 per year or HK$2800 (US$29.9/HK$233 per month only!)

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay?
Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all accepted. We even accept PayPal if that’s easier. Since we will initiate a blog post for promoting you, so yearly advertising is a one-time charge and no refund.

What kind of help and support can I expect to receive?
We help you get everything set up quickly and easily. Once you apply to advertise, we will send you all the information you need to get started, including a step by step outline of what we need to get you going. It is really easy.

Are there any contracts to sign?
No. Invoice is made by Paypal, and there will be terms and conditions printed there. Payment made will deem acceptance of the terms and conditions.


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