Wedding Veils

f_21323200904_katrinajames35.jpg Wedding veils are symbolic of a bride’s purity and her modesty. No bridal attire is complete without the wearing of wedding veils. The face was often covered to denote purity and when it was lifted it was believed to be the presentation of a pure bride to the groom.
Wedding veils date back to the 19th century and was white due to it representing purity. Roman brides used to wear red colored wedding veils in order to ward off the effect of evil spirits on their wedding day. The Greek brides had floor length yellow colored veils.
In Judaism wedding veils go back to the biblical age. One story states that Rebecca was unveiled and veiled herself only when she saw Isaac coming towards her. It was customary for the groom to cover the bride with a veil until the end of the ceremony.
In Roman times people believed that evil spirits would harm the bride and the wedding veils were used to cover their faces so that no harm would befall them.

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