We, Fiesta Wedding, takes great care and dedication to make sure your wedding is the best and most memorable it can be. But just don’t take our word for it, please take the time to read what some of our clients said about us.

“Impressive, Professional, Memorable…..!” (Edwin & Katrina – Dec 2015)


“Exceed Expectation!” (Carmen Chow – Dec 2015)




“Fun, Creative, Good communication!” (Jerome Li – Nov 2015)


“Fun & Good Experience!” (Grace Chun – July 2015)



“Excellent, Quick Thinker, Meticulous, Resourceful, & Organized!” (Jaye Mou – Jun 2015)



“Absolutely the Best Wedding Planner!” (Natalie Ho – Dec 2014)

Natalie&Andy simon lee Wang

“Great Wedding Planning Ideas!” (Tourmaline Yiu – Jan 2015)


“Thx for your effort for preparing and the big day!” (Agnes – 4th Jan 2015)

agnes tsang 2009877


“Thx for your Dedication & Hard Work!” (Sheinal & Jacqueline )



“So Impressed, So Professional! (Eve – Jan 2015)



“Thanks Fiesta for organizing the wonderful entertainment!” – Winnie Young – Miss Hong Kong (Dec 2014)


GGIS 20141213_152157

“Thanks for such a good event!” – Henry Au Yeung (Dec 2014)



“Wonderful MC!” – Winnie C (Nov 2014)



“Detailed and Passionate Help!”


TheOneMovie (48)


“Great CARE!”


 TheOneMovie (62)

“Quick, Efficient, Supportive!”




“Very Impressed! Thanks a lot your guys for a Terrific Job. Our guests are so impressed with your professional service!”  Antoine and Yan 11 October 2014


antoine-after wedding yan-afterwedding

“A Very Informative and Helpful Personslized Wedding Plan Book” (Natalie, 12 Sept 2014)

Thank you sooooo much for your planning, very informative and useful. LOVE IT!!!

Can you give me a call whenever you have time and may be we can speak over the phone first coz I dun wanna take up your time.

Once again, thank you so much for your help 🙂



“Cheerful! Organized! Efficient! Professional! ” (Yan & Antoine, 8th Sept 2014)

We were looking for a wedding planner back in May for our wedding planned in Oct.

We had interview with one planner found from internet that turned out beyond our budget.

We then continued searching and Fiesta came to our eyes with pretty positive comments which made us decide to meet them.

The first appointment with Jane and Marco went very well. They are very cheerful persons with passion (of course experience) in organizing weddings. Jane provided a lot of ideas, advice and direction which were exactly what we looking for.

After 1st meeting, Jane quickly provided us a well prepared wedding book with the details and options which gave us a good visibility about the planning and budget of our wedding. We considered Jane and Fiesta is what we need for our wedding planning and contracted her without hesitation.

The wedding preparation has now been ongoing for 3 months. We have fixed almost 90% of the preparation works.
During the preparation, Jane and her team proved their efficiency and professionalism. They are thinking ahead of us and plan things efficiently and economically. Jane and the team are always supportive along with discussions and nego with suppliers. And the suppliers recommended by them are reliable.
Most importantly they are watching the budget for us.

We are happy with their services and appreciate their involvement in this most important event in our life.

We can not wait for the big day in next month to celebrate the most important day of our life with our family and friends . With all the efforts and work from Jane and the team, we have no doubt that day is going to be the most special day for us.

Best regards

Yan and Antoine Lerat

20140906_103950 20140910_150738


“You did an excellent Emcee job!” (Winnie, 23 Aug 2014)

You did an excellent job. I said to Barbara so and she also agreed!



“We like you the best! ” (Ayelet, 19 Aug 2014)


“VERY DETAILED PLANNER” (Nancy, 6 July 2014)

Thanks for the detailed wedding plan book that can come out in such a short time!

 nancy so

“Fantastic! Thanks a lot” (Antoine, 26 June 2014)

“Fantastic. Thanks a lot Jane.”  

We saved over 12% again on the wedding photo/video.




“What an efficient Team” (Yan, 26 May 2014)

Thank You Jane for your efficient way of working.”  




“An Amazing Experience.” (Jeffrey Man, 28 March 2014)

My wife and I want to thank you again for this great prize to a Star Cruise trip in Malaysia. We were on the Star Cruise Trip from March 23-26. It was a amazing experience for our first trip together!

jeffrey man (Small)


“Everything is PERFECT.” (Waheed, 16 March 2014)

Jane, Really loving your work at home. Everything is perfect. Thank you very much. Will surely recommend you to everyone! !





“A Very Decent Wedding in a Short Time.” (Bernard, 27 February 2014)

Thanks again for your assistance throughout.  It’s quite amazing we can arrange a very decent wedding in such a short time. We have you to thank for that. Let’s keep in touch!.

IMG_7242 Bernard



盡興而歸!萬分感謝!” (By Chan, 26 February 2014)

Bernard mom IMG_7113

“Excellent Performance. No doubt to Recommend” (By Ms. Kwok – President of AWAHK)


“Very Interesting and Unique Gift Fair!!!.” (By Jacqueline, 12

November 2013)

jacqueline cheng

“Great Guidance!!!.” (By Gerard, 16 October 2013)

Thank you for you and your team’s warm welcome. We had a great time!  Thanks to your great guidance pre-shooting.

gerard - 20131016
“They look massive, so thoughtful!!!.” (By Jacqueline, 5 October 2013)

You are so thoughtful for making the decoration just matches 88 inches tall! And they look massive! Thanks!


“Our Planner Crew is Awesome!!!.” (By Jing Jing  – 21 September 2013)

I wanted to thank you all for the work,. We really enjoyed the day.  Will definitely refer you to all my friends!  Have a good rest!”


“Everything is so organized and we enjoyed our big day very much! Thanks a lot to Jane and her whole team.” (By Bill Wang – 20 September 2013)


“Thank you soooooo much for helping us to get through!” (By Chelsea and Marc – 1 September 2013)

Thank you so much to all of you for helping us to get through yesterday. We enjoyed so much!~


 “Very organized and Great Help!” (By Jacqueline – 24 August 2013)

Jane, Thanks so much for all the arrangements and follow up. They were all very organized. All the staffs introduced by you and yourself have been a great help to me.  Thanks again and look forward to working with you & your crews in future happy events.


 “Warm AtmosphereReally touching!”  (By Maurice – 3 July 2013)

It gave us great pleasure indeed to work with  you as well as your great team.  

We all did enjoy the time. The atmosphere was warm and the evening was really touching.
 “Great Support and Guidance!”   (By Anthony – 2 July 2013)


It was a pleasure working with yourself, Allan, Marco and Anita. Thanks for the support and guidance. It was an enjoyable experience and I hope everyone has fun.


 Truly Memorable and a Successful Event!” (By Andrew, Winnie, Jackie Jocelyn, and David – 30 June 2013)

We would like to express our whole-hearted thanks for your devotion and hard work for making the event a success and a truly memorable one for our family.
“Efficient and Responsive!” (By Jocelyn – 6 June 2013)
We are very pleased with your efficiency and responsiveness, as you may have realized, both my sister and I like to get things sorted out promptly. So thank you for that!
Backdrop 20x10ft


“BRILLIANT EMCEE!” (By Karina  – 31 MaY 2013)

 Brilliant Emcee!  Will give u more proposal to work on!


“Will Definitely REFER MORE!” (By Dan  – 25 MaY 2013)

Thx so much for such a good planning and coordination.  everything are so organized .  Will definitely refer my other friends and colleagues to you!


“It is a great Wedding!” (By Anne – 26 May 2013)

 It was a great wedding for me!  Thanks Jane and her team!


“Speedy Response with Great Wedding Suppliers!” (By Marc Arkesteijn – 5 Mar 2013)

We’ve appreciated the level of contact and amount of updates we have received. At no stage have we felt like things are dragging on and we are comforted by the fact that we know that you guys are “on the ball”. A key part of this is the speed of your responses to any questions we may have. Always on the same day, and normally within a matter of minutes. It’s also pleasing that the 3 of you each of your particular skill sets, and that these are being utilized to their utmost for our benefit.

We are also pleased with the fact that you guys are eager to find out what things we are looking for and listen extremely well to some ideas that we come up with and provide suggestions accordingly. Being a mixed style wedding brings with it a level of complexity but you guys have given us strong direction in regards to things we are not sure of.

A highlight has especially been some of the service providers you have suggested, particularly the two MC’s and the florist/decorator. On both occasions these service providers have been sourced by you after listening to our wants/needs and on both occasions we were extremely happy with the suggested providers and also the cost of their services (almost half the budget on both occasions!). I know that without your input we’d still be searching through possible providers and having endless meetings before finding the right ones.

Let’s hope we continue to have the same good experience as we have enjoyed so far, as I’m sure we will.


“Prompt Work!” (By Chelsea Jiang – 30 Jan 2013)

Thank you for all your prompt work on these things!!

“How prepared you guys were and the subsequent follow up!” (By Marc Arkesteijn – 25 Jan 2013)

We discussed everything last night and we agreed that ideally we’d love for you guys to help us with our wedding. We’ve really appreciated how prepared you guys were for our meeting the other night and also the subsequent follow ups.

“You Guys Are Stars” (By Emma – 30 Dec 2013)

Jane & Marco,  u guys are stars!!!! thanks a million for all your great great affort!
0270 (Small)

“Oh So NICE…..” (By Carol Li – 29 Dec 2013)

Thanks for your effort, Jane!


“Great Effort to make it happened!” (By Caterina – 29 Dec 2013)

Yes, thank you Jane & Marco for the great effort to make the event happened!! All the best in New Year!!

“感激感激” (By Ling Chan – 23 Dec 2013)

首先多謝兄弟團嘅 : 浩子,何奇,何b,呀康,Benny & 呀豪
姊妹團嘅 : Mandie, Janet, Cookie, Ivan, Jobe, May, Vivien & Helen
另外仲有贊助我big day嘅攝影團隊 : Johnny Wong, Derek Ko, Nick Lee, Ringo Chau & Kevin Law
同埋有份嘅Wedding Planner : Fiesta Wedding (Jane Wong)

“A High Quality Service with a Personal Touch” (By Fyiona – November 2012 ) 

Since my fiancé and I grew up in Germany we were not aware of such thing as a Pre-Wedding Photo-shooting. Usually the Bride would only let the Groom see her wedding gown on the wedding day itself. However, after many thoughts we decided that the Pre-Wedding Shooting is in fact quite practical in order to minimize the lengthy process during the wedding day and instead spend the time with the family and guests.

How we came across Fiesta Wedding and Derek Photography was quite a coincidence. I picked up a HK newspaper while on a plane to Singapore for one of my regular business trips and immediately the advertising for a wedding fair caught my attention. At that time, my future husband has just proposed to me 2 weeks earlier and we were eager to gather as much information on weddings in HK as possible.

We then decided to attend the wedding fair in L’Hotel organized by Jane and her team and we realized that the customer service was much more personal than the previous wedding exhibition we attended. At that time we have not decided to engage Jane as our Day Of Coordinator but she was already very helpful in introducing us to Derek who we later engaged for the pre-wedding shooting as well as our photographer for the big day.

We have spoken to several photographers previously and when Derek showed us his portfolio we were impressed by his artistic and unique style, as well as the extraordinary locations he chooses for the shootings. Furthermore the planning and organization of the Pre-Wedding Shooting by Jane and Derek went very smoothly and professionally. Both took their time to help selecting the suitable wedding gown and make-up artist for me and Derek incorporated our wishes in terms of locations and style.

Derek carefully selected the locations and performed site visits prior to proposing those locations to us and we were more than happy with his suggestions.

Prior to the shooting, Jane also reminded us about some preparation to be made (please refer to her detailed e-book) and items to bring along to the shooting which made us feel very well prepared.

On the day of the shooting, Jane also joined the team of make-up artist in order to ensure that everything went smoothly and that I am satisfied with the hair do and make up.

Derek, together with his partner and lighting assistant, were extremely delightful. We spent the whole day together and it is right to say that time flies when you are having fun.

We felt very comfortable and enjoyed ourselves tremendously during the shooting and we didn’t want the day to end. It is important for the photographer to understand the couple’s personality and preference which Derek was able to do.

Both Jane and Derek provided a high quality service paired with great organizational skills with a personal touch in terms of customer relationship and made our pre-wedding photo-shooting a memorable one. My fiancé and I had so much fun on that day that I would even describe it as a “mini-wedding” event whenever someone would ask me about the photo-shooting and we are looking forward to working more closely with them both as the wedding approaches in March 2013.

I need people who are very committed in whatever they do as without this, there is no quality and service. Thanks Derek

“超級滿意Fiesta嘅服務” (By Mabel and Henry – 12 Dec 2012)
好多謝Fiesta為我地嘅121212相愛12週年嘅郵輪婚禮添上閃耀的色彩,我本身係一個幾隋意嘅女生,無諗過手飾要如何配合個人氣質,好在有Fiesta的專業團隊透過同我交談同觀察去幫我挑選最配合我嘅手飾,超出我預期,好有心思效果出嚟仲好好添,好多人都讚我! 好開心,超級滿意Fiesta嘅服務!
IMG_4101 IMG_4129 IMG_4156

“How Wonderful It is…….” (By Rhoda Liu – 4 Dec 2012)

Dear Jane, Thank you very much in helping me to deliver such wonderful lesson to our attendees/ members. They are very happy and enjoy all these fruitful training and some even asked whether they could enroll in the next year and future training ! So, how wonderful it is to you, me and all the participated trainers. So, I must thanks you all in helping such training to be so successful.

“Things won’t be getting on right track without your help” (By Cathy Leung)

Jane, really wanna say big thanks for your help tonight! Things won’t be getting on right track without your help! ! (5th Sep 2012)

“Great Saving” (By Fyiona Yong)

Thanks Jane, will check with you first before we book anything to ensure saving! (12th Aug 2012)

“Great Pre-Wedding Dinner Advisory Too” (By Ma-an Garriel)

Thank for the detailed feedback jane! really appreciate it.(4th Aug 2012)

“Thanks for the Wedding Budget Planning” (By Ed Higgs)

Thanks for these which relieve us from undue stress!  (4th Jun 2012)

“Looking forward for more collaboration” (By I+O Studio)

We are appreciate the positive feedback from bloggers, and hope it will bring more customer enquiry in coming future.

Again, thank you for inviting us to join the Festival, looking forward to have more co-operation in the future.

(24th May 2012)

“Appreciate all your Effort” (By Kaprice)

Thank you Fiesta for offering such a great opportunity to showcase Kaprice HK to so many bride-to-bes &  local bloggers! appreciate all your effort :)! (24th May 2012)

“太興奮忘形了” (By Grace Chan)

大概是試穿婚紗太興奮忘形了, 很盡責的Fiesta同事Jane安排我稍後到他們公司取回禮物包,真貼心! (12th May 2012)

“那天真的很開心” (By Vinci Yip)

那天真的很開心一次過認識到咁多與別不同的婚紗, 邀請咭, 飾物……(11th May 2012)

“A Very Unique Wedding Show” (By Joyce Wong)

Thanks a lot Jane.  http://bit.ly/JPZf40  (10th May 2012)

“What a good show!” (By Yandy)

How a good show as I went!  (9th May 2012)

“Intimate & Personal!   (Tsang and Yong)

Congratulations to you on the successful wedding show. We have really enjoyed the intimate and personal touch of the event.  (9th May 2012)

“Enjoyment of Woman’s Beauty” (by Agnes)

I am so pleased that I have the opportunities of knowing your business partners. I also got a benefit for my own personal enjoyment of woman’s beauty.  (8th May 2012)

“Effective networking and publicity-enhancing” (by Johnny)

Thank you Fiesta and Jane for organising a great opportunity for us. It has been an effective networking and publicity-enhancing event. We look forward to future events and together we’ll work to make it even better and impactful. (8th May 2012)

“Wonderful Event   (by Grace Chan)

Thank you very much for having me in this wonderful event.  (8th May 2012)

“Your Full Support Makes My Day!   (Steven & Debbie)

Thanks Jane and your team who gave full support to me about the marriage proposal. from the idea development to execution, you provide a time frame and coordination, that allowed me to focus on my message to deliver to Debbie. It is the most appreciated that every part of the proposal night were well planned and communicated, we discussed with restaurant manager about the time arrangement and food selection. Reminded me every area that i might need to pay attention to. Overall, it was more than I expected and when I left the restaurants, we received the blessings from other diners as well. What can be more than that !

“What a Big Relief! – Thanks”   (Selina & Danny)

At first, I thought I could master control the logistics and coordination on my own wedding day, cox I believe I know all the details than anyone else. However, when things getting close, I found it is impossible for me to handle the people and materials on the day.

Fortunately, Allan pops up in my mind, and immediately, we had an urgent meeting and he at once got an overall understanding on my wedding day rundown. I pass him all the supplier invoices and contracts, and handover to him all the details reminders on my wedding day.

Throughout the discussion, Allan is so attentive and helpful, he reminds us on area that we didn’t think of, e.g. how to handle the wedding certificate, who to keep and where to place it, cox at the end, this is the most important thing in the whole wedding.

During the banquet, Allan helps to keep control of the guest list, and monitor any unexpected incidents. When banquet starts, he helps to check with each table for guests who haven’t take picture with us. What a wonderful and detail minded person he is!

To conclude, having Allan to help with on my wedding, Danny and I are able to 100% enjoy our day. We didn’t worry about anything on the day as Allan is so reliable and trustworthy that at the end, he proves to us he handles everything very well.

What’s more, Allan accompanied Danny to check the final bill when the banquet comes to an end, how considerate Allan is, cox Danny was drunk by the time!

The whole day ran smoothly with our family, good friends and relatives’ blessings and love. Danny and I were too excited and ain’t tired at all.

It was such an unforgettable moment for us when we were reading the wedding vows to each other. Though the hall was filling with all our friends and family, I can just felt us in the moment.

After the wedding ceremony, we felt so relaxed and get ready for our dinner banquet celebration!~

Thanks for Allan’s assistance at the night, the whole night ran smoothly without any mistakes. He let us enjoy the night with our beloved ones without bothering all the arrangements and logistics matter.

What’s more, Danny gave me a surprise!~ I never knew he could sing so well on stage and I couldn’t take my eyes off him~ He sang the song which I loved very much~! And how could he remember that? J

After all, it was a wonderful night for all of us. All the friends and relatives gathered together for one purpose!~ To share the happiness and celebrate our wedding. I was so touched to see all our loverly friends and beloved family members coming from different places and occasions just for the purpose to witness our wedding.

Love you all!~

“A Gifted Wedding Planner makes the difference!”   (Pixie and Charles)

Allan is a gifted wedding organiser who possesses unparalleled professionalism and unrivaled expertise towards the clients he serves. Astute to details and sensitive to our spoken and unspoken needs, Allan took control of the wedding preparation that sometimes seemed unmanageable. Quick witted and resourceful, he was adaptable to make amend any unexpected outbreaks or situations that might have gone awry, which we all know are bound to happen in any wedding. We recommend him to be your wedding planner with unreserved enthusiasm.

As the MC of our evening’s banquet, he was nothing short of a masterful conductor in rousing the crowd’s emotion and ensuring we stayed on schedule with our overall program.

“A very memorable wedding! ”  (Roxane and Edward)

We asked Allan to be our wedding planner in June 2009, only after we had confirmed a number of things, such as wedding venue, bridal couture, wedding photographer and makeup artist. But Allan was still very helpful on giving us opinion on our wedding project. He also sent us to-do-lists when the days were counting down. We think Allan is an organised, detailed-minded and responsible wedding planner.

Thanks Allan for helping us to catch many memorisable moments before our photographers arrived and throughout the whole day. He also comforted the bride-to-be for her anxiety before our big day, planned our Japan honeymoon itinerary for us. Discussed with his MC partner about the banquet details earnestly; helped us co-ordinate with the banquet staff and our performer of the night. Let us say thank you sincerely to Allan.

Allan had multiple duties on our wedding day: Our wedding planner, our snapshot photographer, our choir member in our church ceremony, our MC in banquet. Thanks for all his effort to make our wedding day a smooth and memorable day.

“An Absolute Stress-Free wedding!”  (Freda & Ivan)

Allan has been very helpful since wedding preparation. He gave invaluable comments and suggestions in the preparation meeting and he would plan ahead for different possible scenarios. Allan also provided great assistance to us to source different service providers. The most satisfactory to all was our make-up assistance, Michelle Cheung. Our sincere thank you to Allan.

Our wedding day has been smoothed throughout, especially the banquet. With more than 250 people taking part in the banquet, time management is crucial, so that guests can enjoy the evening. Allan and the other MC were able to manage the timing perfectly and to overlook the evening’s rundown, to make sure everything was carried out just as planned. We were therefore able to relax and enjoy the evening stress free.

Want to speak to and/or email for references? Please contact us for further information
Phone No.:852+21308808
Email: cs@fiesta-collection.com

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