What is your Bridal Style?

Some brides told me they have shopped for over 20 bridal dresses but still could not find their “dream bridal gown” that can give a wow to herself, and make her say “Yes”.   Gosh… I know how stressful it could be.  However, by understanding your own style will speed us a lot of such a shopping process, and even make the shopping much more enjoyable. It can save you a lot of money too by getting the right thing!  

有些新娘告訴我,他們已經光顧了20婚紗禮服,但還是沒找到自己的“Dream Dress” 。天哪….poor you  實際上, 通過了解自己的風格, 不僅可以購物愉快,可以為您節省很多錢啊!

OKay, let me simplify your life! Knowing what Style Personality you are will help you get the right dress, to be correct, help you shop for all kinds of clothing and accessories that you need everyday!   Take this quiz to find out what style you are.  It may help to define your bridal style!

好吧,讓我簡化你的購物程序!知道你的個性風格, 會幫助你得到合適的各種服裝和配件,bridal dress too.  試試本測驗,找出你的風格! 


Take the quiz!


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