Why you need a wedding planner for a Destination Wedding

For friends who know me well, I’m a fan of Italy, so I’m really excited to see the overwhelming response to my previous article about a destination wedding in Italy.

You might ask, what is wonderful about a destination wedding? It’s definitely the intimacy for the wedding couple, their families and friends to spend time together pre and post-event. So I would say if you are planning for a destination wedding, what you will need is not just a wedding planner, but a planner who is experienced in travel too.


Having lived and traveled all around the world, Riccardo who now based in Hong Kong, has joined his 2 partners from Italy, Theresa and Filippo, to assist couples in planning their unique and unforgettable weddings in Italy. Full-service covers from venue sourcing to all wedding supplies, and even private tour, or A-la-carte service, can make dreams a reality.

Regardless what you may need, the first thing on your to-do list is definitely to engage a planner. Let me tell you why.

1. Legalities

First thing first, if you are serious about your marriage, a professional destination wedding planner will go through with you the legalities of your marriage, step-by-step. After all, you want to ensure your marriage is legally binding and recognized in your own country, so pay to the professional who can take care of this important procedure.

2. Research and Booking

Though you can chat and review each vendor, an independent party who can act on your behalf to vet the quality is important. If necessary, try to line up a video interview so you can have a sense of whom you are dealing with before you commit your booking.



3.  Better Negotiation Power

In general, you can benefit certain cost saving from the destination wedding planner based on their local relationship and volume contractual arrangement. How much negotiating you can do, however, depends on the size of your wedding and the situation. And whether they are offering these choices are just because of the incentive behind so it might lose a bit of independence, well, I think that is still okay, if it’s known up front.

4. Suppliers’ contract review

Though we always can trust our own capability in reviewing each contract, word by word, there are still a lot of areas, especially in these wedding related contracts, that worth some special attention. This is where an independent wedding planner will play an extra value. E.g. How overtime will be dealt with? Who will able to manage the timeline of the whole event in order to avoid overtime spending, when everyone including the couples are still having fun? Same for other terms like weather changes/event cancelled, or rescheduled? How the deposit will be treated and can it apply to some of your other events? This will also need some negotiation and documentation.

Every supplier may have its own policies and requirements, so ask specific questions before your sign your contract.



5. Sales Tax

Some countries will have a sales tax or potential “Value Added Tax” (VAT). Where these are included in the quotation or to be added on top, will require detail documentation too.

6. Translation

It is not uncommon that people served in your destination weddings, English is usually their second language only so it will be safer if you have a planner who can do the translation for you too.


7. Handle last-minute

No matter how well is your planning and coordination, it is not uncommon to see all kinds of pop-up on the big day that required a plan B. Put the workload to someone else’s capable hands. A professional planner can shoulder your burden.


Back to reality, there is no a specific way to plan a wedding. So what I would recommend is to choose the one that works for you. Some couples want everything done for them, but some only require certain things to be covered and the rest are self-arranged. Just put up your questions and I’m sure Riccardo will help answer each, one by one, in person. It is always a safety bet to have a planner who can meet locally and in the destination.

I hope this helps you to get started your destination wedding planning. Let me know if I can answer any more questions or drop a message to Riccardo:  rcorsini@levantetravels.com, or hop on here for more pretty images: http://wedding.levantetravels.com/services/


Photo and Video source:  Levante Travel


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