Win a Free Real Korean Wedding Photography in Seoul!

We have a winner for our photo contest – Toumaline Yiu, who will be offered a FREE photo package sponsored by  Bomnal-W Korean Wedding Photography in the coming April~  Congratulation!  


Thanks again to Mr. Seokyun, the Director of Bomnal-W Korean Wedding Photography, for offering this fabulous photography to our Hong Kong couples!


一直覺得我們的愛情故事就似《我的野蠻女友》,我的性格就似韓國部隊鍋一樣咁辣,而未婚夫就好像人參雞煲般溫暖窩心,七年來就算我有多「泡菜」,他對我都是一樣好(嘻嘻),好希望有機會送他一個難忘的韓國Pre-Wedding!Bomnal Korean Wedding的Pre-Wedding photo拍得每對新人如韓星般吸引,好想給他一個驚喜,讓他當一次金秀賢,感受一下擁有全智賢做老婆的幸福滋味。希望Fiesta-Wedding能實現我的願望!


Seoul in Korea is definitely a shopper’s paradise! From luxury brands, to the latest fashions, cosmetics, souvenirs & more, you can shop 24 hours in this dynamic city!
首爾的街頭比任何一個國家都市更加華麗並充滿活力。在主要購物街, 24小時擠滿人潮,生氣洋溢。從早到晚盡情享受旅遊樂趣 東大門市場與夜店密集分布的弘大, 是享受夜生活最佳的代表場所。對韓國文化感興趣? 可有想過一嘗韓國式既優美又典雅的幸福滋味?
Photo Source: Bomnal W (Wedding Planner - Korea)
Photo Source: Bomnal W (Wedding Planner – Korea)
We love excellent photography, we love gorgeous weddings and we loooooove contests.
If you are getting married in 2015/2016, this will be your best chance to win a pre-wedding photography, in Korea!
如果你是2015年或2016年結婚, 但又未影Pre-wedding的, 這實在是最佳的獎賞!


Sponsored by Bomnal Korean Wedding Photography!


1. Upload ONE selfie photo of you and your lover on our FACEBOOK PAGE & LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE!

2. Type  “#REALKOREANPHOTOG” in the description. Tell us why you love to go to Korea for this wedding photoshoot!


1. 在我們 FACEBOOK PAGE上載一張你與未婚夫或未婚妻的二人合照相片selfie.LIKE our FACEBOOK PAGE!

2. 在描述中輸入”#REALKOREANPHOTOG” !告訴我們為什麼你喜歡去韓國拍攝pre-wedding! 就是如此簡單

We will then send you a Facebook message to confirm details! / 然後我們會向您發送Facebook信息來確認細節!



得獎者可獲得由來自首爾之Bomnal-W 送出婚紗攝影套裝一份*
One Grand Prize winner will win one wedding photography package sponsored by Bomnal-W in Seoul, Korea

(1) Indoor studio and some outdoor photography shooting. (take approx. one day including gown choosing and makeup) – 分別於戶內攝影室及部份戶外攝影

(2) One Printed Album with 20 edited photos. All other photos will also be returned in digital format. 一本包括20張已編輯相片之精華相簿,其餘相片會全以數碼格式送予閣下

(3) Two Wedding Gowns, One Evening Gown, One Tuxedo, One set of Korean Traditional Wedding Attire for couple, will be provided, for the use of photoshooting. 兩套婚紗;一件晚禮服;一件男士禮服, 會提供閣下作攝影時用

(4) One time of Makeup and Hair do, for both the Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be 為你及你至愛提供化妝及髮型設計

(5) Pick up Service between Studio and Hotel in Seoul. 於首爾範圍內,提供酒店與拍攝場地接送

(6) Simple Lunch will be provided for FREE. 免費午餐提供

Bomnal W (Korean Pre-Wedding)
Bomnal W (Korean Pre-Wedding)

Mr. Seokyun, the Director of Bomnal-W Korean Photography,  will offer one Photo Package to a winner using his professional judgment!  Value HK$35000!

Bomnal-W Wedding Photography, Mr.Seokyun, Director, 會憑著其審美眼光,選出得獎者.  送一個攝影套餐連高解像度的相片!價值 HK$35,000.



*Terms and Conditions applies.Click here for full version.*條款及細則. 這裡完整版。


Act Now!

Deadline: 15th Nov 2014


1. Upload ONE selfie photo of you and your lover on our FACEBOOK PAGE!:2. Type “#REALKOREANPHOTOG” in the description. Tell us why you love to go to Korea for this wedding photoshoot!**********************************************

1. 在我們 FACEBOOK PAGE上載一張你與未婚夫或未婚妻的二人合照相片selfie!

2. 在描述中輸入”#REALKOREANPHOTOG” !告訴我們為什麼你喜歡去韓國拍攝pre-wedding! 就是如此簡單



Sponsored by:  Bomnal-W Korean Wedding Photography




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